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UPLONG FEE - a direct lender will not charge an upLONG fee just to apply for a loan. Allthelenders is the largest comparison site in the UK for payday loans. Payday loans UK direct lender Pixie. There is a very different relationship between direct and external procurement. We offer payday loans from our own balance sheet as a direct lender.

Loan intermediaries who pose as payday lenders for the redemption of charges.

Citizens Advice's new numbers find 2 out of 5 individuals who have reported having trouble with advance payments through a loan intermediary. 58% of these were burdened with unanticipated charges. Other 42% were exposed to fraudulent practice, which included collecting much higher charges than those negotiated, charges for service they never registered for, and the pretext of being a creditor rather than a real estate agent.

The Citizens Advice, which is celebrating its 75-year jubilee this year, urges MEPs to raise the subject of debt intermediaries in today's discussion on payday lending businesses (Monday 20 January). Recent evidences from the consumers' organisation suggest that these businesses benefit from the need for short-term loans and that some of them act as payday lenders.

Many times the consumer believe that they are directly using a payday lending business because sites or text messaging marketed by some b [ Read Borrower are then taken with an unanticipated fee and in some cases do not really go to get a mortgage.

These new figures come from an analyse of 490 issues notified to the Citizens Advice in England and Wales through intermediaries in June and July 2013. One fifth of those users who lodged a complaint with the Citizen Advice Verbraucherdienst had their cards transferred to other agents without their knowing and 19% had not requested loans.

A few folks hadn't even finished the job interview yet, but still found out that their tickets had been loaded. On the basis of Citizens Advice's analyses, 3,000 issues with intermediaries were notified to the Consumerservice each year. Consumers believe that many more are having trouble with these types of provision without realizing that they are working with a loan intermediary.

One young lady was seeking help at her on-site citizen's office after applying for a payday loan and being flooded within seconds with text from other payday lending firms. The Commission approached two or three of them, but did not decide to take out a credit. In the next few weeks she noticed that several amounts had been withdrawn from her accounts by various intermediaries even though no loans had been granted.

Citizens Advice find proof that while charges are recoverable if a borrower does not take out a mortgage, borrower will find themselves facing a barrier when they try to get their cash back. The Citizens Advice analyses of 228 cases in which the client has tried a refund: Forty-two percent had trouble contacting their brokers to get a reimbursement.

The Citizens Advice calls on the Financial Conduct Authority, which will take over the settlement of consumers' loans in April, to adopt the same hard line on intermediaries as on payday loans. Citizen's Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy sagte : "Loan intermediaries should not exacerbate people's financial difficulties by levying unanticipated charges.

Some brokerage cases are based on people's need for short-term loans and increasing the pains of bad payday loan origination by becoming direct lenders. "A lot of folks are really stretching their January cash, and this could cause more and more folks to consider taking out payday loans.

Everyone who finds a fight should first seek guidance and be careful when it comes to making available on-line detail to companies that could be brokerage houses.

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