Low Rate Bridging Loans

Low-interest bridging loans

Skip to What interest rate does the customer pay? Loan rate, but you'd better be fast. One bridge financier has introduced a specific interest rate on mortgages of only 0.75% per annum. It is good news as a borrower seeking short-term financing at a competitively priced rate, but you need to act quickly - the quote is only open for cases that are completed by May 31.

Romani finance has launched the offering in reaction to clients who have undue delay with other creditors - the latest Bridging Trends numbers show that the mean period in the first trimester of 2017 has risen to 50 from 34 in 2015. Longer project lags can jeopardize a project and result in losses for clients seeking fast financing.

"This is a great opportunity for those who experience delay with other creditors, and it will help them bring home ownership developments to fruition. "As we cover most kinds of housing related capital expenditure, our bridging loans can be used for the purchase of unpledged real estate as well as for renovation and usage changes.

This latest addition is ideal for individual buyers, builders, lessors and private buyers who want to buy a buy-to-lease home, a full apartment building, renovation, the acquisition of real estate at an auctions or the acquisition of unpledged homes. Borrower can benefit from interest rate from 0.75% up to 75% Credit to Value (LTV).

Mortgages apply to the initial housing fee and will be from £100K to £500K. It has a duration of six months with interest deduction and there are no exits. You cannot, however, use the credit for a return transfer. The latest bridging trends indicate that the main cause of the need for a bridging credit is delay in a conventional mortage, followed by a renovation with the credit to help part or all of the work.

Bridge loans are a short-term financing arrangement that is usually more costly than a conventional mortgages facility. It is used in cases where it is not possible to obtain ordinary funding. An example is a loophole in the supply and demand of a house, the purchase of a house at an auction or the renovation of an otherwise unpleasable house, and the achievement of a point of sale or mortgageability.

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