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You can find reviews and tips from people like you on Lowe's Home Improvement Long Beach, California. Lowe's do-it-yourselfers - Homepage This is your place if you want to be shouted at and have to wait for over 3-4 laps before returning to support. The distributors are not only impolite, they don't let you talk to a business executive. I even question whether the executive even wants to talk to the clients at this point.

Employees assumed that I had been lying, yelling and doing everything in her powers not to let the managers talk to me. It is the fact that there is clear evidence that I was linked to this shop and talked to someone there who was promising a shipment that was never shown. "My man and I are also the Lowe card holders and have issued innumerable thousand in Lowes shops in Illinois and Indiana.

Terrible wait-and-see attitude. You made it really difficult for me to buy 1200 bucks at your shop. You go to the client services desk and tell the employee my predicament. He' calling the head of the division, saying he can buy me the article for $124.99. Says you don't come with a rechargeable pack or charging device.

Then he says that he can only resell it for $124. 99, but I would have to go down there and just get the battery and there are two guys already there. and he says no, he has to get it.

Once again I asked him if he could just give me the saw for $84.99 and keep the rechargeable power pack and charging unit and I'll be on my way as I've been in the shop for an hours now. Says he can't ignore that because he won't make any cash.

Although the website says that saw without rechargeable power and charging device is $84.99. Over the years I have invested a lot of my valuable resources in this business, mainly because of its favourable position. I' m going to Menard's or Home Depot, Ace... etc. The 9.6. we have fully payed the floor covering for a rent.

Every time we went in or phoned to ask where the floor was or when it was laid, we made the run around it. Nobody knew where to find the floor covering we had purchased! The plumber thought we had it. In fact, the plumber appeared on the premises and thought that the floor would be awaiting him there.

We asked one Pione to only get a reimbursement, but we were said they wouldn't do that because they didn't know where the floor was at all. Meanwhile, as we were trying to find out where our floor was, we received telephone conversations from Lowes support staff asking how we liked our new floor.

However, if, in all the chaos, only one of the Lowes staff, even the one who said that he was a supervisor, took some responsibilities or once said that he was sorry for the bewilderment and delay, we would not have such harsh emotions.

My self-checkout system in this business is totally shitty. In addition to this topic, the self-checkout assassins are always not fast enough to solve problems. Unautomated check-out lines are seldom employees...ed according to the sale volumes and there seems to be no proactive managers for the check-out lines. In addition, the price for the same articles is considerably higher than for Menards.

I' m shopping here to persuade, but it's simply not my case to talk about the checkout crepppy cognition. Tiki didn't ask me to take over a symbolic US domination, I know it's one thing to resell it, but bringing it out is not sensitive! I' ve been spending a lot of cash at Lowe's last year, but I'm not going back that fast.

Gone to lowes this evening and they didn't have a till open next to the self checks... just means they don't want my store.....

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