Lowest Equity line Rates

Minimum equity line rates

It is this method that defines the respective lending currencies and interest formulas. It is this method that defines the respective lending currencies and interest formulas. Loans are based on the anticipated future Cash Flows of the projects and the customer's capacity to pay back the loans over the specified time. Bank may assume the entire exposure to counterparty default risks or partially syndicate them to the markets.

Loans may be securitised by a borrower's own funds and/or convertible into equity or tied to equity. The full particulars will be agreed with the customer on a case by case base. Stationary or variable interest rates. Once a request has been successfully received and a proposal has been submitted to the Bank, the detailed conditions can be agreed with the Bank's people.

We offer both variable and non-variable interest rates: Fix interest base combined with a variable interest such as LIBOR. Variable interest base with a hood or flange. Given that the typical interest rates have a direct impact on viability, the finance architecture of a given scheme should prefer to cover both variable and static interest rates. With regard to customer and product sensitivity to interest fluctuations, the mixture is assessed.

The basic interest rates are subject to a surcharge. It is a mix of sovereign risks and project-specific risks. Such information shall be kept strictly private for the customer and the bank. Additionally to the spread, the bank may calculate some of the following charges and commissions: Provision commission, to be paid on the amount of credit agreed but not yet disbursed.

As part of business practices, each sponsor is required to pay to the Bank costs such as professional services charges for technicians, external lawyers and travelling time. The full credit conditions for each individual loan shall be agreed with the customer. Bank demands that SPVs insure themselves against normal insured risk.

Mortgages on property, plant and equipment such as real estate, equipment and other premises. Allocation of the company's profits in foreign and local currencies. As part of the credit facility, standard financing arrangements are needed. Exceptionally, longer durations may be envisaged, e.g. up to 15 years for large scale infrastructural projects.

It can assist in the management of commercial exposures related to the asset and liability of a given investment projects. It includes exposures to changes in interest rates, interest rates and commodities prices. Among the Group' s derivative exposure management products are forward contracts, interest contracts, interest contracts, interest contracts, interest contracts, interest contracts, interest contracts, commodity contracts and collars. Available financing includes line of sight credits, bank-to-bank lending, stand-by credits and participations in domestic banking institutions.

Companies wishing to borrow through domestic banking should make this available: Furthermore, equity capital deposits of around 35% are often necessary, whether in portfolio or new transactions.

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