Main Credit Card Companies

Major credit card companies

The American Express Your Facebook page has amazing 4,450,154 magicians and on Twitter they have a grand aggregate of 655,532 supporters. It is a great way to achieve turnover and exposure in an ideally targeted audience that is enthusiastic about the latest fashions and fashions. #amaxUNSTAGED features exclusive video clips from various musical performers - see example below that gives Facebook enthusiasts the ability to broadcast a King of Leon concert live:

astercard has a Twitter fandom of 61,433 follower and 6,937,224 Facebook friends. After Pringles, Macdonald's and Adidas, Social Bakers ranked Mastercard as the #120 most loved Facebook name. Let's begin by analyzing their most favorite platforms - On Facebook Mastercard uses the best of their sponsoring they have to offer for Champions League soccer.

Mastercard is showing on the walls with a massive crowd all over the world the unparalleled possibilities they offer enthusiasts and fanatics. Twitter is another good way for them to get more attention. Mastercard receives a great amount of good PR and loyalty as a reward:

As well as being limited to sport, Mastercard also gave supporters the opportunity to join the line-up at the "Sound of Music" - an invaluable venue in keeping with its #unpriced sogan. Those unparalleled capabilities are a great way to connect with your clients and build a strong reputation for your brands.

The last but certainly not least mark we have is Visa. Out of the 3 featured stamps, Visa has the largest fan base on Facebook, rated by Social Bakers as the number 85 most loved with 9,574,529 people. Visas published a 2013 advertising drive designed to appeal to the large number of supporters who adore the NFL.

Those possibilities were breathed back into existence through the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube channels of popular media, but the first few registered via the Visa website. What is interesting to see is that there are no contributions from these marks on saying socially responsible individuals to get involved for their credit service. By letting their awesome promotional campaigns, events and special deals attract the crowd, they lure them into wanting to be part of the overall impression.

Above chart shows the interaction and retention rate of the 3 Facebook brand. The Mastercard posts the most, but also receives the most commitment and the most interaction, although they have a smaller following than Visa. Employment on Twitter varies, with visas pointing the way. Visa, Amex and Mastercard promotional and promotional offerings are the best example of how a brand can give its customer exactly what they want - high-quality and unique deals and prices.

No wonder some of the big credit card companies are among the most beloved on Facebook and Twitter.

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