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Free-of-charge email and text alerts. Register with Credit Card Online Services. The new curved map pretends to be "the only map you have to carry".

Now a new credit card that you can use to associate your current credit and debit card with it and help with your budget has come onto the market - but there are a few disadvantages you should consider before getting one. When you have a Curve card, you can combine all of your current Mastercard and Visa debt and credit card accounts with the Curve application to spend on one card - although you cannot combine Amex with it.

So you can see all your expenses in the application that is available for iPOS and Android, and it can also be used as a way of paying for your credit card expenses in places that do not accept credit card use. Nevertheless, there are some traps to be considered, among them the elimination of 75 Verbraucherschutz and Auslandsgebühren.

Previously only available to shopkeepers, the Curve had about 100,000 subscribers. You can find more information about the best card for you in our credit card guidelines. Which are the advantages of curve? Curve is just a debit card, so there is no checking with it and no tough credit rating when you are applying.

Below are some advantages of using Curve: Switch the card you used up to two weeks later. This card allows you to make your daily expenses and has a function that allows you to go back up to two week in your period to switch the card you have used for a sale.

It can be useful if you inadvertently use the incorrect card or wish to administer your balance. Block your card and receive your personal identification number (PIN) alerts in your application. Should you loose your card, you can have it frozen in the application and later unlocked when you find it again. Reward with available maps - and there's a ploy to get bonus points.

When you have an established card that will reward you for ALL your expenses, such as a Santander All in One or TSB Platinum Buy credit card, you can still collect these points or redeem them with curves. You can also draw up to 200/month in real money and top up your card as a buy and make a reward for it - although Curve tells us that money recycle is not allowed and it wouldn't advise this as a way to make additional money on a recurring basis.

If your card only awards you for expenses in certain retail stores, e.g. a debt card that only gives cash back for a few transactions, you do not collect points with Curve, so you should be cautious. Please use your credit card where it is not normally used. You can use it in stores and other places that do not have credit card acceptance and then bill it to your credit card.

For example, this means that you can still use your tax invoice from your local retailer or buy from small merchants who no longer accepts credit card. Disadvantages of Curve? Although it has several advantages, there are some things you should keep in mind when using Curve:

There is no credit card coverage under Section 75. Usually when you buy something that costs between 100 and 30,000 and pays for any of it on a credit card, you get 75 section guard, which means your card company is co-responsible with the merchant if things go bad (see 75 section for full info).

The use of curve disables this level of security, although you can still use Mastercard's charging back system. Paid for expenses abroad and withdrawal of currency. When used abroad, it uses the Mastercard course but adds a 1% surcharge. This can be avoided by purchasing a premium credit card such as the Halifax Clarity or the Platinum Tour Barclaycard, which requires no expenses or machine handling and uses the Mastercard course.

It is not possible to connect Amex boards. So, if you have one of the Amex Rebards or Cash-back card's included in our Top Play Bonus Card's, you can't use Curve and you can't collect points or Cash-back. Also, as we say above, you cannot make bonuses with certain card types that will only give you special deals at certain merchants if you are spending them through curves.

If you are satisfied with your current banking and credit card balance and want to see all your expenses in one place to handle your funds, this is a good choice for you. This can also reduce the number of maps you are carrying around - although you should always choose at least one backup options.

This card itself will not really spare you your cash or, at least for now, make you a reward. They must also be conscious of the possible traps associated with the use of the program - in particular the absence of Section 75 protections - and the fact that it is possible to get better functionality with other maps, such as free expenses abroad and reward with Amex.

Where can I submit an application for the Curve program? In order to get one of the tickets, you have to: For Android and eOS, please click here to get the available curve application. Register for a card. After registration, you can attach your maps to the application and select a standard map. Any Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card can be added to the application, as well as some pre-paid calling plans such as Revolut and Monzo, but no Amex calling plans.

Then you use your curved map for all editions and can modify the map you use for each buy. Principal card, curve, is available and usable free of charge in the UK and the organisation has informed us that there are no introduction fee schemes, although this may of course vary in the course of time.

One spokesman for Curve said it will introduce a new system of incentives in the next few days - we'll let you know if it's fair to have detail. There' also a premier edition of the Curve, which will cost a one-time price of £50. Current clients with the Premier Edition will receive increased premiums, but it is still to be seen what the new program will look like.

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