Make Credit Card Payment

Carry out credit card payment

You can set up and manage your direct debits here or make a one-off payment by debit card. Manual settlement of payments with the customer's credit card

Batch a Card is a great way to make an instant payment when your client wants to make a payment in person or over the telephone. In order to make a payment on your customers' account, you must be able to receive credit and debit card payment. In order to avoid cheating, there is a payment ceiling of £2,000 GBP per fee.

Irrespective of the denomination, the notional amount may not exeed EUR 2,000 (e.g. GBP 2,000, EUR 2,000). As an example, you can successfully debit your customer's credit card for GBP 2,000 but not make a payment for GBP 2,001. When your bill amount is in excess of 2,000 GBP, you can make multiple batch a card transactions on one bill to settle the entire amount.

As with other payment methods, you can administer all your batch a card transactions through your Stripe Dashboard. Note that fraudulent identification may occur when you accept payment and that if you debit a customer's card, you are solely accountable for establishing whether the person making the payment is who they claim to be. When your clients provide a credit card that has been charged by you, you are obliged to reimburse the cardholder for the theft.

By using this function, you ensure that you are complying with Stripe's General Conditions. In order to make payment on your customers' account, you need a free trial, free trial or limited payment option.

card transactions

Card payment is administered with a month bill that lists all your previous month transaction in detail. It is important that you take note of the credit card payment term indicated on the invoice, in order to prevent interest costs, you must fully settle the account on or before the term.

In case you cannot reach the full amount, you have the possibility to make at least the minimal payment, which is less than the full amount. Please also be advised that there may be charges for delayed credit card payment. You will also find further information on this in your declaration.

Budgetting and careful management of your funds are one of the most efficient ways to reduce credit card fees. They may find it useful to create a month-by-month budgetary calculator and consider your credit card expenses. Begin by summing up all your scheduled montly expenses, plus utility bill, grocery and clothing purchases, and additive indulgence.

Organized and organized to stay with your cash is a big move to avoid credit card fees and enjoy a better monetary outlook.

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