Malpractice Insurance

medical malpractice insurance

Typically, our public liability insurance products cover personal injury, physical injury and property damage and can be offered at multiple locations through individual primary insurance, surplus layers and umbrella insurance, or through international multi-risk insurance programs. If you do not have medical malpractice insurance, you run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities, such as Whats professional liability insurance? Occupational liability is also known as mistakes and omissions, misconduct or professional compensation. The BBi offers specialized medical liability insurance for physicians, health clinics and nursing homes.

Medicinal malpractice insurance

Carelessness, fault, negligence, erroneous diagnosis or failure to exercise due diligence can result in substantial damage liability entitlements. Every single working day, healthcare workers are confronted with such a diversity and complex set of risk that it is important to be well shielded. Our company is able to provide a tailor-made yet affordable insurance for a number of malpractice related health jobs.

Enjoy one of the widest formulations on the shelves ( which means broader and more versatile coverage) and the peace of mind of specialized health insurers behind your coverage. NHS Health Insurance can provide protection for both you and your company (worldwide if that's what you need) and meet NHS contract compliance as well.

In addition, we advise you competently in the area of riskmanagement and help you to avoid damage before it can occur. We are one of the world' s premier agents in the specialty of health insurance with one of the largest portfolio in the London area. Our long-standing relationship with many of Lloyd's's' top clinics specializing in the healthcare industry allows us to offer tailor-made insurance for almost all healthcare professions.

Its malpractice insurance could comprise malpractice insurance, property damages, costs of rights (with CQC and CCG extensions), lost revenues, employer, products, cybers, and business insurance, directors' and officers' liabilities, and Locum insurance. Our company can provide malpractice insurance for a variety of personal and NHS healthcare facilities, such as hospital (including obstetrics), primary and secondary schools, 111 healthcare institutions, 111 healthcare institutions incl. out-of-hour, emergency and walk-in facilities, specialized centers incl. maternity facilities, staffing offices, dental professionals, jails, and psychiatric facilities (incl. security).

All physicians will be considered, as well as general physicians and other physicians, nursing staff, counsellors and related physicians - provided the appropriate registry is available and up-to-date. Insurance companies are all specialized malpractice writers, with Lloyd's and corporate underwriting. Each of our insurance policies for carelessness in medicine are processed by our own internal staff, and you have a designated claimant.

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