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Select from a wide range of debit cards to best suit your needs. Like a debit card, you can use your Foreign Travel Card at ATMs worldwide and carry the Mastercard Acceptance Mark. Mastercard for debit card in the UK chosen by Santander Group

Today Mastercard and Santander announce that they will work together to provide debit card issuance to all of the bank's private clients on Mastercard's online service. From the beginning of next year, clients will be issued Mastercard tickets as part of a four-year reissuance program and an eight-year arrangement.

This transaction is a significant mutual transaction and shows once again Mastercard's continued dedication to increasing the volume of its debit card sales in the UK. More than nine million British debit badges associated with Santander's bank account are in use. Masterscard and Santander share a common view of the payment environment of the future, and our common goal is to provide our clients with a selection of choices through the use of new, easy and safe payment methods that are suitable for their users, whether they are in business, on-line or travel.

As a result, the alliance will draw on Mastercard's knowledge of electronic payment transactions, scam analysis and resolution and will offer card holders unique offerings from Mastercard's valuable sponsoring asset, such as the BRIT Awards and the UEFA Champions League (which will be sponsored by Santander next season), as well as worldwide adoption - no single operator will be more widely recognized. Mastercard will be issued for Santander's portfolio of products, such as All in One, Zero and World Elite.

Visa to MasterCard for Debit Card for Visa Transition for Visa for Debit Card Transition for MasterCard for Debit Card Transaction

TSB is planning to convert all its Visa debit card subscribers to MasterCard by 2018, a big gain for the UK card issuing company. TSB, which was hived off from Lloyds in 2013, will issue new MasterCard debit card products to all of the bank's checking accounts in 2018 as part of a 7-year contract.

With over 5 million clients in the UK, TSB owns 4.5% of the UK checking accounts business. Sabadell, which is now part of the Sabadell Group, will be MasterCard's biggest debit card issuing company in the UK once the transaction is completed. MasterCard UK & Ireland boss Mark Barnett says in an email statement:

"As such, we are best positioned to assist our bankers in their operational and digitisation bank plans". Deutsche Bank is very well informed about what these are. "In 2018 and beyond, this relationship offers our clients and our company many possibilities.

We look forward to these possibilities evolving and telling you more about what to expect next year as we pursue our continued commitment to creating more competitive UK retailing and eventually making retailing better for all UK consumers". In recent years MasterCard has invested strongly in the UK's online financial industry and adopted the new surge of challengers and similar service providers that has emerged in the UK in recent years.

The pure start-up Monzo bench and the forex card Revolut are just two samples of hottest start-ups that use MasterCard for their plastics. This year Virgin Money and Citibank will be issuing Debit MasterCards to their clients, as Metro, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group are already doing.

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