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Immediate Approval Mastercard

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<font color="#ffff00">The Range Prepaid Card | a Pay as you go Mastercard | Instant Approval

The first time you buy your Range Prepaid MasterCard, your credit can be recharged up to a limit of £1000. Upgrading your credit cards requires you to present us with your ID (passport or driving licence) and a certificate of your postal adress ( electricity bill or account statement). A £5 charge applies to the upgrading process.

Splash. This is your pre-paid Maestro calling plan. There'?s no solvency checks. There is no need for a bankaccount. Immediate approval. Charging.

You have as many ways to recharge your Spash Cards as you want - in bar or electronic. Choose one of the following links: You can top up your credit at any post office or PayPoint store - over 34,000 sites across the UK - with your credit cards in full refill. Give your credit cards and make a payment for the funds you wish to top up.

Should you find an error, you must return to the post office or PayPoint site where the recharge was made. The PayPoint charges are now available on your Post Office voucher but Post Office charges are available from noon on the following workday. Click on Post Office or PayPoint to find the closest top-up site.

Please note: A £5 charge is required at post offices & £10 at PayPoint locations. When you don't have your own credit and want to top up, you can buy a 360money E-voucher at any PayPoint store. Go to any PayPoint store and request a 360-money e-voucher (present the gift certificate once you have produced it).

Save your E-Gutschein and visit the homepage of the website Spash. In order to top up your credit cards, log in to "Your account" and choose the "Top up" item from the drop-down list. Choose the e-voucher payment method and key in your e-voucher number if required. In order to recharge your Spash with a recharge package, just go 1,2,3,3:

When selecting "Recharge", selecting the "Recharge Package" item, scribe the control box on the map and type the 8-digit number. Should you find an error, you must go back to the post office or PayPoint site where the recharge was made. In order to deposit your salary directly onto your Spash Cards, simply downloading and printing this formula, filling in the required information and returning it to your employers.

Even simpler, if you want us to complete your application forms, just go to "Your Account" and choose the "Load" button to load a filled application forms with your data that you can take to your work. Your salaries will then be transferred to your Spash Cards and you can use them to control your expenses.

Please note: Pay transfer can take up to 4 business workingdays to arrive at your credit or debit slip once it has been credited to our balance. It' simple to transfer funds from a banking area to your split cards. Please feel free to dowload the full version of the transfer form. Please indicate the number of your current credit on the back of your credit or debit cards.

It is the 14-digit number beginning with 1425 and located on the back of your credit cards (see picture below). Please note: We cannot credit the amount to your credit or debit cards if you do not complete the 14-digit bank details properly. Money can take up to 4 business days to arrive at your credit or debit cards after you have settled your payment.

Online, you can top up your cards with a bank transfer or direct debit payment service. Only available to clients with an unrestricted map. So if you have a limited map and haven't done so yet, click here for more information on how to update your map. Login to "Your Account" and choose the Recharge item from the drop-down list.

Choose the Payment by Prepaid Cardholder payment method. Fill in your cardholder data and top up the amount. As an added safeguard for our clients, we only allow recharges with Mastercard Secure Code or Verified by Visa Mastercard Secure Code or Verified by Visa enabled payment methods. For more information, visit the Mastercard or Visa website or consult your local cardholder.

Please note: The charge threshold is a £500 per night charge level. In order to prevent you from cheating, it takes 2 workingdays to have your credit/debit cards recharged on your cards. Cardholder restrictions do not have access to credit/debit charges.

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