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"SecureCode" is a secure online payment service available only for MasterCard credit cards. MasterCard security is referred to as the Mastercard Securecode. MasterCard SecureCode - what does it mean? "SecureCode " is a secure on-line payments system available only for MasterCard Visa and MasterCard SecureCard Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Euro. They use the 3-D 3-D system Secure (3DS) to check your identification as a cardholder.

Authentification process is easy and consists of 3 stages. - Post your booking and fill in your debt or charge card-date details.

  • Once the secure system for your map is enabled, a 3-D Secure Map Secure? screen will open. You will be asked by your merchant to authenticate your account by providing an authentification number. Most of the time it is a unique safety token sent to you by text message. - The booking will be validated once you have entered the right safety codes and your payments have been made.

For more information about this offer and the conditions of use, please consult your local banking institution. After 3 unsuccessful authentification tries, your transactions will be aborted and a block will be placed on your credit will. If this is the case, you must get in touch with your local banking institution.

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It' simple to buy with your credit pass and even simpler to do it on-line. We may ask you to enter your username and username from your computer from order to order, and for your safety we may ask you to enter your username and username from occasionally when making an on-line order. Just click on the link below to sign up for your maps. This should be for you personally, but does not have to be classified and will appear every single times you make a payment at a merchant.

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On this page you will find an introductory tutorial to Secure 3-D. Responsibility for this type of charge-back shall pass from the Merchant to the Card-Owner, even if the Card-Owner is not a member of the System or if the cardholder is not registered. They are both conceived to enable authentification of holders of cards by their emitters at participant merchants. However, the latter are not required to authenticate at all.

Where does 3-D secure come in? 3-Domain Secure means 3 Domain Secure. There are three participants in the Secure 3-D procedure: 3-D Secure for Members' main advantage is the ability to reduce the number of contentious transaction and the resulting costs and loss of exceptions. American Express SafeKeyƂ ("SafeKey") is a Payer Authentication Program that provides an additional level of protection when a Cardmember purchases on-line.

The SafeKey system mitigates unauthorized on-line use before it occurs by verifying the card members' identities with an extra passcode or unambiguous value. How does SafeKey utilize what kind of secure identification method? Does SafeKey comply with industrial standard? The issuer, acquirer and seller should consider the 3-D Secure solutions from America Express to be practically the same as others in the payments world.

How can I get American Express SafeKey?

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