Mastercard Student Credit Card

Student Credit Card

MasterCard Student - Erste Vertrauensbank The Student Mastercard gives you the purchasing strength you need for everyday life or to take full benefit of last-minute on-line transactions. If you are a Student Mastercard credit card owner, you will earn a prestigious interest of 12.9% APR (variable). Further information can be found in our fee list.

By paying your credit in full and on schedule each and every calendar months, you will not be paying interest on your purchase, advance payments or bank transfer. Further information can be found in our fee list. There are many ways to purchase your Student Mastercard credit card. Payment can be made by check, payment in advance or by bank transfer.

They can also administer your credit card and your bill via Online, Mobile or Phoneline Banking paid. In the event your card is misplaced or theft occurs abroad, you can use the 24/7 hotline and our $5000 dollar cash-in-transit facility (depending on your available credit limit) and phone assistance.

Applicable are the annually accrued interest as well as taxes and duties. Further information can be found in our fee list. In order to request a Student Mastercard, please contact any First Trust Bank office. And if you're not sure what credentials and addresses we want to take, click here or talk to an account executive at 0345 6005 925?

First Trust Banks, as a conscientious creditor, only lends funds on the basis of our assessment of your repayment capacity. See the most important information on the Student MasterCard. Just call 0345 6005 925925?or and visit any First Trust Banking office. 9.00 to 17.00 Monday - Friday (except public holidays).

The call rates may differ - contact your local services company. Learn more about where you can use your card and how you can tell us if you want to use it abroad.

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