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The Meridian Credit Union, Toronto, Ontario. BlueRush's IndiVideo - Meridian Credit Union hurries to BlueRush's IndiVideo - FinTech Future The Meridian Credit Unions, Canada's 4th biggest credit cooperative with more than $8 billion in wealth, has partnered with BlueRush to enhance the consumer experiences of its more than 275,000 members, David Penn at Finovate states. With IndiVideo, the Toronto-based company's online video distribution software, Meridian will be able to give its clients the necessary tool to make the right decision.

BlueRush's IndiVideo, a set of personalized interactivity televisions and computers, uses virtual intelligent (AI) footage in an "entertaining and easily understandable way". The IndiVideo solution provides a financially rewarding dialogue between the client and the contents of the clip, simplifying complexity and giving the individual more power over their own financials.

BlueRush's message comes as the firm reports 14% growth in revenues for the third three months and an 83% increase in its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) margin. BlueRush last months entered into a partnership with Kunder, a finetech solution firm, to work with the AFPHabitat retirement funds manager in Chile. The BlueRush has a total capitalization of more than $6 million.

After Round13 Capital's initial public offering, the firm acquired an extra $1.3 million in cash.

Concerned Meridian Credit Union Licences Fincentric Bank System

The Fincentric Corporation today announces that Meridian Credit Unions, Canada's third biggest credit cooperative, has chosen Fincentric and its Microsoft-based bank system to provide bank service to Meridian's 180,000 members. Meridian was created early this year by the combination of Niagara Credit and HEPCOE Credit Unions and needed a bank management solution that would combine the agility to achieve its technological mission and commercial goals with industry-leading provider assistance.

Fincentric's bank system, which has been used in the former Niagara Credit Union since 1999, will be expanded to the former HEPCOE Credit Union branch offices and incorporated into Meridian's overall processes. "The Fincentric system was chosen by Niagara Credit Union for its market-leading blend of features, strength and dependability that surpasses other key bank products today," said Steve Gesner, CIO, Meridian Credit Union.

Combining this with the mature nature of Fincentric's bank system gives us a true future edge and allows us to adapt to our future expansion plans". Acknowledging that the Fincentric value-added relationship over the years has been largely due to the choice of Meridian, Gesner has been able to develop a number of new products over the years. "Fincentric's alignment and roadmap are well matched to our company's plans," he added.

"Fincentric's Meridian Credit Union achievement is a significant achievement for Fincentric," said Robert Nygren, Fincentric's Chairman and CEO. "With more than twenty years of technological experience, this transaction demonstrates the value of the relationship we are continuing to provide to our customers and credit cooperatives in Canada."

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