Money as Debt

Cash as debt

I' ll lend you money to build a machine, you earn a ton of money from that machine, I get some of it back from the borrowed money, and everyone ends up better off. Cash as debt You' re right that the bench has 10% reserves..but you fouget that the stocks say that the bench only has to keep 10%, so 190 bucks were paid in there, only 19 dots remain in the strong room. so there's still a whole 100 REE docks.

there's a tally of supposed money in the system from: the loans were made consecutively, like the deposits that confuse things.

all of the currency in the system is still only 100 US dollar because the first 90 dollar advance that has not yet been disbursed was given back to the banks and then 81 dollar were lent out so that the 81 dollar is somewhere in the company and the 19 dollar is still in the safe showing that the entire RAL Y dollar is still 100 in all but the system thinks that there is a sum of: there is a sum of PRESUMED money in the system of: and that is not even counted interest!

This is the issue. If we expand the loop large enough to handle all trades, we will find many lags and other problems, but the same fundamental issue - there is more money actually generated on the BOOK, then the TRUE MONEY is in the system..........someone will finally lose.

It' s not that it is bad - it is exactly the way a system of national banks works and why there are always problems and that there must be a realignment of debt and pension and destruction.

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