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When he was a young man he was often in trouble because of small debts and his pictures of money lenders could not have been drawn with such skill if it had been otherwise. Irregular moneylenders or loan sharks, as they are also called, are people who lend money without proper permission or motivation. New York, New York, New York, New York. Not only do these loan sharks take advantage of vulnerable borrowers, they also bring discredit to legitimate lenders. One young man (left) in riding clothes stands in front of two donors (right), all sitting next to a table with a coffee pot, cup, &

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General G/L Account. A personal, corporate or institutional entity that provides MONEY or another capital good (e.g. machines, real estate) to a debtor in the shape of a loan, mortgage or lease to fund consumer and capital expenditure. dept, financial system, collateral security a private individual, corporation or entity that grants a loan to a debtor to fund its use or use.

Creditors often demand that the borrower provide some COLLATERAL SECURITY, e.g. title documents that the lender can keep if the borrower does not pay back the credit. Forwarding money to the other in anticipation of repaying the money plus a charge for the use of the money denominated interest.

Please see Mortgagors. Mortgages Encyclopedia.

Irregular Money Transactions - Trade Standards Wales

Wales lllegal Money labelling device (WIMLU) is aimed at illicit lenders, better known as credit criminals.? It deals with illicit credit and all related criminal activities as well as victim support...? As one of three UK, Scotland and Wales nationals, we are financed by the UK Standards Board and work in close cooperation with the relevant trade standards authorities.

Our teams consist of specialized detectives and victims' counselors from a range of background, among them trade standard agents, former policemen and credit counselors. Unlawful granting of credit (loan shark) is a crime. Unauthorised money lenders often work without a licence and often target endangered persons. The majority of credit crickets begin cheerfully, but their behavior changes when they miss out on a payment.

Only a few credit Sharks are advertising and are often mentioned by verbal propaganda. In order to register a credit shark, please use the information below to inquire: "We will send you a credit shark: Totally anyone can call with credit information - a casualty, counselor, neighbor, policeman, neighbor..... In addition, WIMLU offers free trainings for front line personnel to recognize credit criminals and characters that show customers when they are a target.

As a rule, the meetings last between one and a half hours, according to the question, and are free of cost. The meetings are addressed to all frontline employees who have contacts with prospective casualties (usually the most vulnerably affected in society). Our approach is based on flexibility in the way we conduct the workout by accommodating a number of meetings over one or any number of days/weeks.

At the end of the course, we strive to reach the participants: - Create greater understanding of the impact of crediting illicit money to those at risk.

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