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Launch our quick and easy credit application today. Credits thin money Both Think Money Limited and Ideal Finance Limited are part of the Think Money Group. If you are applying to take out the loan, we are think money the loan intermediary, Ideal Finance Limited is the creditor, and they are paying us for our services. If your loan record is less than flawless, we know how difficult it can be to get it.

We check what you can buy and provide you with a loan that is easy to manage for your circumstances.

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At Harvest Money, we offer retail credit for a variety of uses. As one of the advantages of using harvest money for credit collection, we do not incur setup charges or fines for early termination. A loan of up to 7,500 can be applied for over any saving you may have with us.

The loan can be reimbursed over a term of up to five years, with a smaller maturity for smaller amounts. Interest rate starts at only 4.6% per annum for fully collateralised borrowings and is legally limited to 42.6% per annum. The application will be reviewed by our Credit Team.

This is your weekly update of the credit union!

Reap money

At Harvest Money, we at Harvest Money realize how worrying it can be to be rejected for a loan, and we want to make sure you have all the assistance you need so that next year we can say yes. Occasionally it will be necessary for us to reject a credit request.

Member cannot finance the loan. This member already has a high loan surplus with either Crédit Union or other creditors. A member's loan statement may provide proof of default or late payment elsewhere. If a member's loan request is rejected or less is proposed to him than he has requested, the member has the right to lodge an objection against his ruling.

Note that the individual considering the request will be treated as a completely new request, so the amount on offer may both decrease and increase. This is your weekly update of the credit union!

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