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You pass it on to other people in the form of loans. That means that at a certain point in time only a small part of your money is actually in a bank safe. Paylater, that's how it works. Paylater can no longer be applied for via your web browsers; an application is available for this purpose.

That unbelievably stubborn Facebook ad from Paylater: and I get the loan money right away? Dragging and dropping to the right or right allows you to specify how much you want to lend and how long it will take.

The initial interest is 1% per day, i.e. if you lend.000, you must repay .500 in 15 workingdays, or .000 in 30 workingdays. Paylater cleverly decides whether you are a candidate for a loan and credit s your bankroll immediately.

Now, somehow immediately; you should get a notification within 24hrs. When they are granted automated credits, they want to be sure that the information they enter on their website matches the bankroll for which they are paid. Repayment of a loan works just like taking out a loan.

Paylater. ng charges your bank with the amount you are owed on the due date. Apparently Paylater has an algorithms designed to predict with high precision whether you have the means to repay the loan on maturity or not. When you are not happy with a computer entering your bankroll, you can always make a manual refund with your credit cards before the due date.

Note, however, that you do not receive any rebate on the amount of money credited to the loan. What happens if Paylater does not redeem money on your bank or if you cannot make a refund before the due date? Well, you are risking the blocking of your bankroll, a poor ratings among other lending agencies and "possible lawsuits" (for only ?.000? Yikes!).

On the positive side, if you repay your loan on schedule, you will be entitled to lend more than the original.000 euro threshold for successive mortgages, at lower interest rates. The Paylater experiance is not too good for me so far. Personally, I like the fact that all you need to lend money is a web-enabled telephone, a Facebook and a banking area.

I' ve only got about five and a half before my loan's due. I' m awaiting how effective Paylater will be in being able to hit my bank in order to subtract the .500 I owed from my bankroll. Oh, and I was trying to see if I could get another loan while I already have an overdraft.

Paylater well performed. Did you borrow money with Paylater? Please communicate your experiences in the comment field below.

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