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Course Mortgage Advisor Great Britain

Follow your trainings at CIMAP Currently working as a mortgage advisor in the UK, you will undoubtedly appreciate the value of CeMAP skills. Successfully completing these examinations will help you to better advise your customers and increase your chances of finding a secure position with good perspectives and a better paycheck. CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice ) is divided into three parts or units.

This module will teach you the different kinds of mortgages and how to evaluate a client's eligibility for each of them. Those moduls are called ceilap 2 & 3. Concentrated learning in an undisturbed class-room will help you study quickly.

Quick and easy, our course is divided into two sessions. Classes of the level 2 & 3 courses of ceMAP will continue for a further five consecutive day period. If you take this method, you will have the opportunity to check what you have learnt and take the examinations associated with this part. In our learning environment, the vast majority of our learners passes their tests and assessment for the first year.

The fees are to be paid to the Institute of Financial Studies (IFS).

Fast Track Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice, operated by Simply Academy Ltd.

Mortgage Advice and Practice Certificate (CeMAP®) is a QCF Level 3 certificate specifically for the UK. Meet the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standard for those seeking a "license to practice", so if you want to work in the mortgage business, our Mortgage Advisor course is the ideal way for you to earn your skills in CeMAP®.

For a long time, CeMAP has been regarded as the leader in the field of mortgage consulting, with 80% of mortgage consultants having received the CeMAP® certification. This is regarded throughout the sector as the yardstick for qualifications. CeMAP® trainings are structured to address the specific needs and regulations of a professional life in the field of finance.

Companies across the industry have contributed to the creation of what we call, CeMAP®, so that the contents are tailored to the actual needs facing them. After completing your education and the Caemap® examinations to reach your qualifying level, you will receive a full certificate and can enter the name "Caemap" after your name, which confirms your Caemap qualifications for prospective employer and customers.

CeMAP® qualifying consists of seven mandatory components, which are evaluated in three modules: During or outside the course times, he made his free times available to you for extra assistance.

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