Mortgage Advisor Exams

Examinations for mortgage advisors

FCA audit standards for the granting of mortgages. What is the duration of your application to obtain a CE-MAP certification? They may think that acquiring a regulated skill like ZeMAP requires attendance at a higher education institution for a few month of education, but in fact ZeMAP skills can be obtained in a much faster timeframe. Thanks to our 10-day course program using the Quick Track class-room, you can graduate much faster than expected and take your exams to become a fully-fledged mortgage advisor.

The course material is designed to provide the student with the right information in an easy-to-understand way and to work with the professional guidance of our knowledgeable course instructors, giving the student not only the skills and comprehension they need to pass their exams, but also the rich learning experiences that our instructors can bring to their new careers.

This is why we also provide you with the opportunity to learn on-line via our CeMAP Student Services Centre, which you can reach around the clock via your computer, Mac or your desktop computer. eLearning may take longer if you adapt your course to your other responsibilities such as job and home, but its versatility means that you can continue studying at your own pace to acquire your skills and get you on your way to your selected mortgage advisor role.

For more information about our Fast Track or E-Learning CeMAP course, please contact our kind students' advisors on 01279 874 430.

Caemap 1 - Financial Services and Products and UK Regulation Overview

No. All ceilap exams are multiple-choice. You must complete 50 exams per lesson in each session, with a minimum score of 35 (70%) each. She also deals with the basic rules of finance consultancy and legal issues related to finance related work. There are four subdivisions of ZeMAP 2 - 3, 4, 5 and 6.

CaMAP 3 is designed to answer case histories. Each case has 6 case histories and 10 question histories with a combined 60 of them.

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