Mortgage Advisor Qualifications

Qualifications as a mortgage consultant

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Certificate in Mortgage Advice (Cert MA) ifs School of Finance Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) Es ist die Referenzqualifikation in der Finanzdienstleistungsbranche. And one of them is the mortgage advisor. A career as a mortgage consultant - a good concept???


The existence of Zemap is not the only thing you need to consider. They never stop educating themselves because your company or your organization wants you to be at the top of the game. There' s a very high learnin' bend according to ceiling ap. The new software, the product, the criteria of the lender, the associated insurance policies. One of my friends went on his own right after having passed away to find out that he couldn't find the answers to customers' fundamental problems.

For a few years, I advised him to work for an independant real estate company in order to train himself, acquire the "knowledge" and set up a customer base that would help him to become self-employed. Somebody I know makes an average self made £4k - £6K per months.

However, he only makes Sub-Primary cases because the fee is much higher and he demands high commissions. Becoming self-employed without a customer base of at least 200 persons is complete insanity. Because of the type of transaction, you will only get your mortgage once it is cleared, so you can expect to spend many hours waiting for your cash.

In London, the mean wage for an intern is about 16,000 - 25,000 euros, and you receive a 10% fee from the lender's fee. People who are not good at sales to customers have a tendency to go laterally and become BDM's (Business Development Managers) for creditors or insurers.

Counsellors are lacking, and recruiters are all poachers from the same team.

DCA Review of the qualifications of mortgage advisors

Financial Conduct Authority is working with retail groups, mortgage banks and academia to revise the CeMap qualifications for newcomers to the mortgage brokerage business. CeMap (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) is a QCF third tier mortgage advisor certification provided by the Institute of Financial Services, the industry association of Ifs University College.

These qualifications meet the Financial Conduct Authority's requirements for practical experience as a mortgage advisor. We expect the consultative process to suggest modified audit cases and terms, both of which have not been up-dated since 2011. "You ( the FCA ) have put together a number of working groups to examine what you may need to do to support the qualifications support standard.

It added that the regulatory authority does not currently intend to modify the CeMap eligibility from its present stage three. Instead, Mr Sinclair said that the regulatory authority wants to upgrade the qualifications to adapt them to the new mortgage markets, taking into consideration new regulations and changes in taxation. In principle, there will be a modified check for newcomers in the changes.

Amendments to the CeMap curriculum are made by the Institute of Financial Services. "We would only make changes to CeMap to mirror any changes made by the FCA to the auditing standard for mortgage advisors. "Those norms have been around for some considerable period and we would certainly see an advantage in adapting them to the latest evolutions in the area.

Said David Hollingworth, Deputy Dean of London & Country Mortgages: "The CeMap qualifying examination is the examination standards laid down by the FCA for mortgage professionals.

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