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AGENCY SERVICES NUMBER FIVE (not that most people had a choice). Hypothekenagentur Services Number Five Limited- MAS No. 5 - Insurance Problems

Around the point when interest levels fell around 2007, MAS No. 5 ruled that they had to see a copy of all their B 2/Let mortgage owners discarded each year by the policy to make sure that the policy complied with the "mortgage terms". At MAS, we succeeded in losing all three of the last Insurance Halifax sent by fax in recent years.

In this year, this resulted in MAS taking out free of charge cover for the pledged object in order to safeguard its interests as a lender". These policies were £15 a months with an apparently non-refundable £40 set-up charge (for the dodgy "administration" apparently) all slid onto my mortgage bankroll to collect interest.

Fortunately I'm with Halifax and they keep VERY good notes, and I was able to prove (by recorded delivery and at the end also by facsimile - just to be sure) that I was indeed properly covered all the way and also that the MAS had actually dropped the documents sent, not that they weren't sent at all (as they implied).

Curiously, the Halifax woman told me that this happens more at MAS than at any other firm - I think it's interesting because MAS DO has its own insurer division and also offers insurances. They feel like they were just trying to do more doing good by maintaining an outdated management system, which means they can say they're not getting things, and then just make guidelines that it's VERY difficult to get terminated even if the client does the right things.

How many times I wonder how many poeple who couldn't prove their insurers for losing a fax or other problem get into conflict with these MAS costs? You' ve just searched Google for and looked up MORTGAGE AGENCY SERVICES NUMBER FIVE THE LIMS and you will see how many director have recently stepped down.

You say that they don't have email, how odd - but Britannia and Co-Op do.... and since MAS are an agency/subsidiary of them AND among them are listed with the FA, you can also lodge a complaint with them, or maybe get them to email your policy documents (if someone else has experienced this policy problem).....

Please send us an e-mail - just for vengeance and to make it clear to Brittania and Co-Op that this kind of company cannot only remain concealed under odd and uncommon name without main road or website. FSA registred uk And yes, if anyone is surprised - My mortgage was bought by GMAC at MAS No. 5, this other marvelous mortgage company (when MAS was only under the Breton roof).

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