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the universe is your butcher. Would you like to begin your carreer towards a rewarding one in the field of finance? Beginning with CF1, the Award in Finance Administration gives you a thorough overview of the finance sector, covering capital budgeting, insurance and annuities, as well as important laws. CII and CeMAP Mortgage Advisor skills are also the ideal basis for further skills that will help you get into a higher position.

You can, for example, complete your 4th Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice (DipMAP).


I' m a mortgage broker and I' m a finance advisor. Coming to Canada in early 1997, I almost immediately opted for a career in the finance business as I was studying economics and finance in Russia. Between 1997 and 2000 I worked for the Clarica Group. However, I have chosen that it is not right to work for only one firm, because no one firm can provide the best solution in every field, and I started working as an independant finance advisor at the end of 2000.

Our company is entitled to conclude agreements with insurers, umbrella funds, banking institutes and finance institutes. My three year course is "Certified Finance Planner", the primary objective of which is to give a complete overview of how to plan a family's finances: all kinds and variants of insurances, capital expenditure, retirement schemes, state pensions, taxes and various ways to make savings for children's studies, as well as many other subjects.

Naturally, I will be continuing my training and improving my qualifications to help you make the right decisions in various different finance scenarios. She' s a licenced mortgage agent and she looks after this side of our deal. Mrs. Kroes is in charge of the issuance of insurance policies: Insurances for personal injury, serious illness and invalidity, group and individual health services.

With us since 2004 and in charge of the health programme travel and visitor health care. Mortgage Senior Lender Assistance and Chief Financial Officers in the Mortgage Division, came to us in 2009. Since 2011 active in the mortgage division and in charge of expert opinions. With us since 2011 and in charge of the health programme travel and visitor health care.

B├╝roassistentin, with us since 2012. Works in the investments division, in charge of the client database and newsletter. Hypothekenassistentin, with us since 2015. 2012Qualified as a member of an MDRT ("Million Dollar Round Table"), which is the most renowned organisation for all brokerage firms worldwide. 2006Mortgage broker license #M0800999914.

2007Canadian security price. 2008Extension course in taxation, as part of the CLU programme (Certified Life Underwriter). 2009Mortgage Broker License ; AMP - Accredited Mortgage Professional Certificate. 2010Law in Canada course, as part of the CLU programme (Certified Life Underwriter). 2012Estate Planning, as part of the CLU programme (Chartered Life Underwriter). 2014Opening of a new independent Dominion Lending Centres- Your Mortgage Selection franchise from the largest mortgage broking company Dominion Lending Centres.

2015Achieved one target - Top 75 mortgage brokers in Canada.

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