Mortgage and Equity

Hypothecary and equity

Old-fashioned life mortgages do not allow you to make repayments, so that interest is quickly compounded because the amount you owe is constantly rising - unlike a normal mortgage. At Hine Downing we offer special support for a wide range of mortgages and stock release plans. Mortgages & Equity Release | Financial Services in Cornwall No matter whether you need to move, buy a rented home or raised funds for construction, it's important to seek guidance from our committed mortgage advisor on the most suitable mortgage for you and your needs. Note that the mortgage loans with the cheapest interest rates may not be the most appropriate.

Mortgage loans may have high penalty for early redemption or may not be portable to a new home, or may bind you to a set interest that may be too high for an extended time. With our mortgage procurement system, we are able to fully identify the most suitable mortgage product from the entire mortgage mart.

In addition, we offer extensive and impartial advisory services in related areas such as insurance (for credit and privacy protection) and personal insurance. Keep in mind that your home is at stake if you do not maintain repayment for a mortgage or other mortgage that is backed. Share redemption schemes - also referred to as lifetime mortgage and home reversal schemes - are a way to free money from your home, be it to buy a new automobile, buy a vacation or improve your home, or just to make your everyday lives more convenient, especially when you're re retired.

Share approval schemes are sophisticated commodities, which is why Hine Downing Finance Services has developed into a life mortgage specialists. We do not provide consulting on Home Reversion product. The arrangement of a lifetime mortgage is a big leap forward for many individuals, Age UK recommends that only independant finance advisors be consulted before an equity return is arranged.

In our evaluation of the eligibility of such a schedule, we will closely examine your goals, look at your overall financial situation to see if the capital injection is really the best choice for you, help you find the right kind of schedule - taking into account that in some cases you may be at greater risks of loosing government services and possibly paying additional taxes.

Please call Kathy Payne (01326 313770) or Steve Bonney (01326 319081) for further guidance and information on our mortgage and equity participation schemes.

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