Mortgage Assistance


When you are struggling to meet your mortgage repayments, there are a number of government programs that offer help. Mortgages assistance and repossession | Mortgages assistance and repossession of property Breathing Space is a mortgage based loans scheme managed by the Wakefield Council for Yorkshire and Humberside Government. There is an interest-free secure credit that can help you with the payment of your mortgage. They have to reimburse the credit at the end of 3 years. Loans only provide short-term assistance, so you should have an anticipation that you can make your mortgage payment in the near and far and that you will be able to reimburse the Breathing Space loans.

Your mortgage and/or current mortgage payments, secure credit defaults and installments can be paid for up to 12 month, according to your circumstance. Applicants can join the programme by calling our Housing Options team who will determine the amount they can lend, which can range from £2,000 to £15,000.

The National Homelessness Service website can also be visited. The Citizens Advisory, National Debt Helpline and Stepchange can give all tips on how to deal with financial and credit concerns. There is also a restricted Mortgage Redemption Facility - talk to our Housing Options team for more information.


Worried you'll miss a home because you' re handicapped, fired, barred or on strikes? By qualifying for the Mortgage Assistance loans, you will also get a one-time contribution of $1,000 that will be directly to you. More than $11.2 million has been provided by the programme to support trade unions members.

If you or your accredited co-signatory is unemployed due to a union-approved strikes, lock-out, involuntary joblessness or invalidity; your or the accredited co-signatory's earnings are decreased by an amount equivalent to at least 50% of the mortgage paid each month; the decrease in earnings occurs within one (1) year of your applying.

A document proving your tradeunion membership, your unemployment and related earnings losses is necessary at the moment of claiming benefit.

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