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It's the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. Mortgage Bankers Association, Chicago, Illinois. Learn how employees talk about what it's like to work at the Mortgage Bankers Association.

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IMBA has recently learnt from the MBA that the House Financial Services Committee has combined a number of single invoices into one new car - now H.R. 3978. This new bill will be put to the plenary voting this weekend and will include MBA-supported languages from Bill H.R. 2948 and the former freestanding Bill H.R. 3978.... temporarily founding power for mortgage credit administrators switching from federal custodians to non-deposits and across state borders.

Section 101 of Chapter I (the former free-standing H.R. 3978 language) titled "TRID Improvement," allows policyholders to pass on available rebates and precise policy acquisition premiums to customers across the state. Industrial proponents sent over 4,000 deeds to their representatives last year in aid of H.R. 2948 co-sponsoring as a stand-alone bill, reaching over 90% of all home offices. 2 948 of the company's representatives were in charge of the company's business.

Such measures contributed to building wide cross-party endorsement of the proposed text. Endorsement from our industries has kept these top and middle line emphases, and we need your help NOW to make sure this legislation will have the backing it needs for full house passage to this week. Re-cast H.R. 3978.

The Mortgage Bankers Association relies on Percussion Web content management......

PERCUSONS Software, a leader in developing convenient business management tools that enable clients to maximise the value and value of corporate assets, today announces that the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the nation's association of the property financing sector, has launched two improved websites, one for member and the other more consumer-centric, with PERCUSONS' Rhythmmyx Enterprises Capacity Management (ECM) system.

Rhythmyx has been used to simplify page contents administration and improve the page creation lifecycle. Locations under the Rhythmyx umbrella includes MBA's dominant domains and MBA's educational website, which provides the information and resources needed to understand the home shopping proces. "The redesign of the MBA website and the improvement of our end-user educational website were great projects," said Brandie Fennell, Chief Information Officer of MBA.

"Rhythmmyx matches our evolutionary philosophies. Rhythmyx was chosen by MBA to substitute several self-developed CMS suites after five CMS providers had been evaluated in the competition. The association is planning to keep using the application in its large, multi-site environments over the years. One of the main triggers why MBA opted for Rhythmyx is the ease of centralizing centralized BI, .NET integrations and data base publication, and the scaleability of the Rhythmyx De-Coupled Delivery architectures.

Barry Reynolds, Percussion Software Chief Executive Officer, commented: "MBA is a highly diversified, highly integrated company with a mission-critical, multi-site, multi-domain webbase. Rhythmyx enables MBA to quickly and simply create tens of websites, make optimal use of page layouts, deliver timely, up-to-date information and meet the individual needs of its members and users.

Rhythmmyx is the perfect choice for any company running a large, multi-site Web infrastructure such as MBA's".

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