Mortgage Broker or not

Hypothekenmakler or not

It takes time - time you may not have. I have arranged my remortgage without problems, kept in touch all the time. Brokers will not only evaluate your individual circumstances (income level,...

). Our specialties are people and real estate that are not ordinary or average. Only B&C works directly with mortgage brokers and intermediaries.

Hypothecary: Friend instead of foe

We are not here to find you out, we are the opposite, we are here to be your boyfriend, to help you find an accessible mortgage that will help you. Of inestimable value is our council, we will not bore you with finance slang, we will keep it straightforward and it will be an easier trial.

According to a recent FCA interim report, 30% of borrower have not received the lowest mortgage available to them. Whereas the lowest bid is generally the most appealing, it is not always the best one. Therefore, we pledge to roam the markets to find the best available mortgage for you in the most economical way.

We will even go through the mortgage with you to tell you why the respective mortgage is best for you. Ours is a very skilled crew of mortgage agents, it's in our own lives and we like what we do. In recent years, the Mortgage Market Review has evolved significantly to ensure that borrower can still buy a mortgage even if interest rates soar.

Therefore, it is convenient to have a mortgage broker if you do not get the meaning of the mortgage and what goes with it, we do! Each day we work with a number of creditors, so we will be able to find you a creditor, let you know what his recruitment procedure looks like and how likely it is that you will be accept.

If you think of mortgage brokers, do you think of mortgage? Buying a home is a big deal, so it is important to safeguard it. We dive into the insurances for you and consult you which insurances and coverages are most appropriate for you. Please note that your home may be returned if you do not keep up with the repayment of your mortgage.


Whether you are a first purchaser, do-it-yourself enthusiast or a prospective purchaser, we provide comprehensive marketing consulting for all kinds of clients. We are an independant company able to provide unbiased guidance from across the entire industry to make sure you get the products that fit your business needs.

No matter whether you want to secure your mortgage payment or your home, we offer unbiased counseling on endowment policies, crucial illness coverage and personal revenue coverage from a variety of vendors. Building assurance is a requirement when you are on a mortgage the coverage is to give collateral to the creditor who is covering the major fabric of your home assurance.

This covers you in the event of depressions, storms, floods, fire or fume damages and covers the cost of reconstruction or repairs. Equity is a way to free your home from having your money, either by buying a percent from the reverse firm or by taking out a mortgage on it while you, the landlord, can still live there as long as you want.

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