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Do you only evaluate mortgage agents? Brilliant services and very professionell. Especially mortgage agents are recommending lawyers who are directly named blacks. Many thanks to Rhys and Shane, who were outstanding. Superefficient and proffesional services! Thats my second with just mortgage brokers just now - this tha t h e t as remortgage. Our employees are always very kind and supportive and ensure that everything is done very effectively and competently.

Fifth stars here. From the first telephone call to finalisation, the level of customer care was high. While we were never sure if we would ever get a mortgage in our circumstances, Just MB fully grasped it and asked for the right information the first of all. Overall experiance from beginning to end was outstanding and offered kind and intuitional guidance.

Lester and my staff and Just Mortgages gave me great services. It was a very easy job and they found a mortgage to fulfill my needs. Even though brokerage charges are in place, it is still good to buy every cent instead of buying from different creditors. Having twice been refused by various agents (due to the cancellation of my partner's debts 3 years ago and the agent's inexperience with bad loans), we thought it would be difficult to get a mortgage and it was so hectic.

Only Mortgage Brokers made it possible for us to buy our perfect home! You definitely know their material and will only be approaching lenders if they think you are getting the mortgage. Once we got the MIP, we were a little concerned that we wouldn't get the full mortgage, but everything went through and was really effective!

When you can't get a mortgage, it's definitely valuable to try Just Mortgage Brokers. The good thing to point out too is that we didn't get booted until we got the mortgage, so you have nothing to loose! At first I was a little doubtful and thought it was too good to be right, because I had already failed some trials elsewhere and my present creditor didn't want to know - despite a good solvency.

To be self-sufficient with a quiet year within the last 3, and want to clear 20k from my bad debt and pool on to my mortgage was clearly going to be a difficult one. I would like to thank Shane (my primary contact/broker) and especially Amy for accepting my frustration during the trial (the creditor was very choosy and kept asking for more information, which led to more work and delay, but of course it was beyond JMB's control!), and Genarro for being very supportive of the follow-up and making sure the job was completed as quickly as possible.

Exceptional customer satisfaction and consultation from our kind, supportive employees - all with a real wish to serve their clients from initial inquiry to finalization and beyond. We' re very pleased that Just Mortgages has really surpassed our expectation in seeking the best possible solutions for our unique needs and we cannot thank Yasmin and Danielle enough for their time.

Really individual attention with the highest level of professionality; an attitude seldom found in today's banking, savings and loan, and other mortgage industries. Superior customer care, brought us a mortgage in October 2017, when conditions beyond our reasonable controls made this virtually impossible. What we did was to provide a mortgage that we could not afford. Amy and Yasmin were brillant and I am sure you will see them in their most terrible condition during the whole home purchase procedure and they were just really patience and help during the whole time.

She was the only real estate agent who gave me the right moment of the morning when, for the first part, I contacted everyone else who had fired me - she went the additional mile to try to get in contact with the creditors and get me a mortgage, and I was really lucky with what she had found and turned it around.

When I first purchased it, I really felt cared for, especially with many questions I had. ýI think the charge I was paying was really good when one considers all the work that Yasmin and Amy did to make this - I have just purchased and I and my little girl have relocated to the most attractive apartment with an affordable mortgage because of their endeavors.

Truly helpfully, it found it difficult to get a mortgage, but Just mortgages didn't stop until they got it for us. Began a little shaky with fees transparency, but everything was fixed and even though it took 4 month to sort a mortgage, everything ended well.... I' d highly suggest this firm, but I suggest that they work on their communications internally and also on their relations with some broker!

We' ve used Just Mortgage Brokers twice now. Luckily we got in contact with our first broker Daniel, who immediately recalled us. The Daniel & the remainder of the crew are really kind, supportive and knowledgeable people who make the mine field of mortgage loans easily navigable. Exceptional consulting and the best dealing discussion show further cost reductions and dealings for the years to come.

and then I found Just Mortgage brokers. Good job, folks, that services were excellent. Super Powerful Facilities, just just mortgage realtors have been helping me get a seamless remortgage to finance a home extension. Thanks for your help! Yasmin, who sized the mortgage, and Frizie, who was wonderfully involved with the administration, were my main topics.

Both of them were very useful and effective. Well, I wouldn't hesistate to commend this broker. Satisfied with mortgage agents only! That'?s what the charge is for!

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