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Hypothecary broker software

Web-based software for mortgage brokers and IFA and mortgage brokers, packagers and brokers. Mortgage broker and consultant tools and software solutions that make your business more efficient and profitable. Hypothekenmaklersoftware for Finanzanalysten iO is a web-based, feature-rich mortgage broker software that provides mortgage specialists with conformal counsel. With our Best of Breed-Filosophy Intelligent Office is integrated into a number of Top-Sourcing-Partners and offer portals like MortgageBrain, Trigold and iPipeline (Assureweb). Mortgage CRM system improves your ability to take over only executing and advisory-oriented activities and oversee your entire company portfolio and your pipelines, all new possibilities, mortgages and other by-products selling up to anticipated revenues and charges.

Credit and Mortgage Broker Software - Bridging Lender Software

Extensive and functional backroom software for broker and lender. Integrated work flow and procedural automatization to enhance procedural efficiency. The Target Bluechip is the market-leading lending and management system for short-term collateralised creditors. Some of the UK's top credit providers such as Masthaven, Apex Bridging and Bridging Finance Solutions already use Target Bluechip to manage their business.

No matter whether you are currently using handheld spread sheets or moving from another source, we make sure your move to us is seamless and straightforward. The software processes all your bridge and developer financing needs on one system and can be fully customized to your specific needs.

While the system's ingenious broker managment and communications engine enhances connectivity to your launch networks, our web case tracing services enable your importers to receive immediate application update. With our broker software solutions, you can help streamline your lending and mortgage processes, reduce effort, provide in-depth reports and reliable audit trail information to help you meet legal requirements.

No matter whether you are a start-up or an experienced broker, Target Bluechip can help your company increase profits and operating efficiency. Our company supports a number of different product lines, among them: Seamless ly integrated with Target Bluechip Broker or Lender platform, the Web Portal offers you an end-to-end end-to-end resolution that drastically cuts time.

Default functions include: on-line use and case tracing, as well as the possibility for your importing broker or immediate client to load documents onto the web site and review case updates written by your supervisors or processors. Getting a full image of every single app is crucial for your company.

Target-Bluechip provides a built-in workflow utility that effectively delivers your apps to the right department and user, making sure you're aware of each one. An end-to-end system, Target Bluechip has integrated job scheduling to help you cope with your work-load. Your company attaches great importance to the efficient handling of your company funds, which is why our Provisionstracker displays all funds in and from your case.

Learn more about the work we've done with Pure Bridging to enhance the quality of our customers' services and responsiveness with Target Bluechip credit brokerage software. Target-Bluechip has a comprehensive compliancy protocol and reporting, auditing reporting, and a cost-effective compliancy assistance tool. Contact 0845 650 6200 to schedule an on-line demonstration and talk about how Target Bluechip can change your new leadership.

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