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Quit dreaming of your wealth and start realizing it! Obviously we can help you with mortgages to buy, but we also offer so much more.

Mortgage is a big deal because the bank's money is in danger and they have become more and more cautious since the debacle of the subprime mortgage.

Integration Mortage Solutions - Sutton Coldfield-based mortgage broker for the UK

Our business is located in the Midlands and operates in the UK. Obviously we can help you with mortgage buying, but we also have so much more. The full spectrum of our business activities includes first purchaser mortgage loans, remortgage transactions and buy-to-let transactions. Protect against illness, deaths or accidents. CeMap's highly trained consultants at CeMap deliver first-class advice to help you obtain the mortgage and coverage you need.

Our advanced research engines ensure that we find the most appropriate and competitively priced product for our customers. With our CeMAP-qualified consultants, we offer a first-class level of services to help you obtain the mortgage and security you need. No matter whether you are buying your first home, relocating, remortgrading your current home or buying an asset, we can help you determine your household and the best creditor for your particular situation.

When you are considering the purchase of an extra piece of real estate as an initial capital expenditure to let, one of our committed consultants can help. Climbing the real estate manager without expert help can be a frightening one. They need to make sure that you not only protect the belongings you buy, but above all your families and your incomes in order to preserve your current life style.

Occupational injury, health and unemployment insurance (ASU) is a short-term scheme of insurance that allows you to receive a steady salary if you are prevented from working due to illness, accidents or unemployment.

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During May 2012, policemen and Financial Services Authority officials who were distrustful and helped to file rogue mortgage claims visited his office and confiscated a large amount of paperwork. It was found that he had bloated customers' revenues and sometimes made incorrect payrolls. There was also evidence that in April 2007 he obtained a mortgage of 379,000 for himself by asserting that his yearly income was 128,000 pounds.

Then, in July 2007, he was receiving a 450,000 mortgage by claiming that he was a 148,000-a-year chief of finances. And he said, "This behavior was absolutely disloyal, but I don't think you realized how disloyal it was. Austin Jonathan, defending, said his patron got mortgage for himself to construct a Dream Home for his young familiy.

They were all cheap and the repayment was complete, he added.

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