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What you can do to consult your mortgage broker We' ll tell you how to ensure that your broker is both skilled and able to make you the best offer before he starts your quest for the ultimate mortgage. For this reason, it is imperative to decide selectively which broker to use. Putting this into context, the distinction between the payment of an interest of 4.5% and 6% on a £100,000 mortgage over a period of 20 years is about £1,030 per annum.

It' s also important to "consult" a prospective broker yourself to make sure that he is sufficiently able to help you find the best possible mortgage. So to help you make sure your broker is the right one to help you arranging your mortgage, we disclose the issues you need to ask.....

It is important that you verify your broker's access data before you start trading with a broker. On the basis of the FCA registry, you can verify whether a broker is Regulated. You a whole of broker? The ideal scenario would be to choose a "total market" mortgage broker rather than one that works from a select group of creditors.

Entire marketeers will involve a much wider selection of mortgage product in their quest (all available to mortgage lenders) and will therefore be more likely to find the best offer for your circumstance. Are you looking for retail? Not even entire insurance intermediaries have to take into account the foreign exchange transactions provided by savings and loan institutions.

But a good broker will still consider these deals in his rating, even if it means that they will later loose your habit. If you have any questions, a good broker is at your disposal. Verify that the mortgage broker has taken out commercial liability cover. Are there any other specialties?

It can be a useful tool, but do not suppose that the product they are offering will necessarily give you the best value for you. Verify that they are affiliated with a specific broker, work from a single board, or browse the entire brokerage industry to find the best product for your situation.

Remember that your broker's answer to your question is almost as important as what he says. When you have any doubt that they can't disperse, then begin looking for another broker - there's nothing wrong to interview several before you set up.

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