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OVER US is the leading impartial mortgage brokerage firm in the eastern Africa area. Out of a wish to open up real estate real estate ownership in Africa, The Mortgage Co. strives to grow the mortgage business and open up the mortgage business in a radical way. More than 25 years of bank and mortgage expertise gives the firm a uniquely strong ability to appreciate the bank's positioning while at the same time serving the client's interests.

TMC, as an impartial actor in the mortgage sector, is loyal to its clients and is dedicated to providing them with the best and easiest offer when purchasing real estate. We are passionate about revolutionizing the mortgage sector in the area and our finance and building sector partnerships, making us an integrated part of tapping the great potentials of Africa.

Ongoing real estate market expansion and increasing complexity have made it necessary for interested parties to make informed and careful choices. In this context, a real estate investment choice can be discouraging, and finding an impartial assistant who can easily guide the finance community is not only convenient, but strongly recommended.

Mortgage Company is the first mortgage brokerage firm in Eastern Africa. Driving by the desire to develop real estate assets on the continental Africa, TMC works with leading figures in the financials industry to facilitate the mortgage or mortgage lending processes. TMC's loyalty as an impartial actor in the residential and building sectors lies with the client to make sure that the client receives the best possible offer of funding.

TMC's charter staff has more than 25 years of bank and mortgage expertise, a rarity that provides a uniquely qualified capability to understand the needs of credit organizations while fully meeting the needs of clients. TMC's visionary has a long tradition in the mortgage industry and has made S&L Kenya Limited the leading mortgage company in East Africa.

It has contributed significantly to the popularization of mortgage lending in the area. During this time it became clear that the development of the sector had to be represented by an impartial actor. It is our promise to work with many of the most reputable operators in the sector and to make it our mission to provide the best offer to the client according to the client's needs and capabilities.

It is our goal to offer our clients the best available solutions on the open and to make the processes as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. Caroline Kariuki, Mortgage Company General Manager, Mortgage Company, Address on the Mortgage Review in Kenya Caroline Kariuki, General Manager, The Mortgage Company Thank you very much, Farhana, Ladies and Gentlemen and Representatives of the Media, for your interest and your interest today....

Influenced by an international mortgage brokerage firm, Kenya has embarked on the mortgage markets to deepen home ownership and mortgages in the state. "WHAT'S THE FRENCE FOR THE KENYAN MORTGAGE SUBPRIME CRISIS? When someone asked the questions 6 month ago, it all seemed as if Kenya was the best place in the whole wide range of the worlds to start investing in the housing industry.... the central bank of Kenya had opened the mortgage markets for the whole bank industry, so all of them....

Mortgage Company is the leading independant Mortgage Brokerage company in the Eastern Africa area. The Mortgage Company's wish to open up real estate in Africa is to create and open up the markets in a radical way.....

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