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What mortgage can I borrow? With this simple Spanish mortgage calculator for overseas you will be able to determine how much you could potentially borrow, depending on your general financial profile. The overpayment calculator shows you how much you can save by overpaying your mortgage and how much you will save on interest.

Mortgage in Spain for Non-Residents Calculator

Since a mortgage is backed against your home, it could be taken back if you do not maintain the mortgage payments. You should be aware that the FCA does not cover all types of mortgage activities. Importantly, it is important to recognise that buy-to-let mortgage loans (unless they are more than 40% owner-occupied), business mortgage loans and mortgage loans backed by real estate outside the UK are not subject to UK legal regulations.

When a mortgage is issued in a different denomination than your home denomination, there is a danger that changes in the foreign rate may add to the value of the mortgage in relation to your home denomination. Because we provide a tailor-made level of services, our fees may differ and the real amount will be displayed on any quotation and will be dependent on the location of the financing you need, the financing arrangements for you and your individual situation and credit needs.

You need to obtain impartial tax and legislative assistance on every piece of real estate you buy.

What can I get?

Hypothecary approvals will be granted on the basis of various levels of affordable lending applied by local financial institutions. A general principle is that 30% of your net earnings are attributable to mortgage payments (including the new mortgage in Portugal). How is the Euribor phrase? Interest charges on a variable-rate mortgage in Portugal are tied to either the 3-month or 6-month Euribor and are raised by the amount of the spreads applied by the State.

If you have a three-month Euribor interest payment, your mortgage payments will be set for three moths at the interest payment date of the mortgage certificate, after which the institution will automatically charge the monthly Euribor interest payment date of the preceding year.

Interest margins (spreads) are reconfirmed on the mortgage approval date and set for the duration of the mortgage. Which documents does the banks need to obtain approval for a mortgage credit? Is it possible to pay back my mortgage prematurely? Mortgage payments can be prepaid at any point during the life of the mortgage.

Prepayment penalties for a floating interest mortgage are 0.50% (according to the Bank of Portugal rule) and 2% for a fixed-rate mortgage. Buildings insurances are a compulsory condition for taking out a mortgage in Portugal. Usually the necessary coverage is against fire and flooding.

Insured premiums are calculated on the basis of the restoration value of the real estate. Certain bankers charge a policy either for the principal claimant or for both. You will be notified of such a compelling request when we provide you with the mortgage proposition documentation. You can take out your own personal endowment policy in your home jurisdiction if your selected creditor does not demand it.

Household contents insurances are not compulsory when you purchase a mortgage, but should be taken out when you take over your real estate. When renting the real estate, a business indemnity policy should be taken into consideration. Business indemnity insurances are available as an option within the scope of contentsinsurances. How much does the mortgage pay per month?

Please refer to our Mortgage Calculator for an estimate of the mortgage costs per month. However, the only extra costs are buildings premiums. Buildings are insured by all creditors and fire and flood coverage is compulsory. Certain creditors also demand that you take out endowment policy. Are there any mortgage categories available?

Which is the maximal duration of the mortgage? The majority of MFIs provide a mortgage duration of up to 50 years for persons resident in Portugal and 30 years for non-residents. As a rule, the mortgage matures at a legal date of 80 years for German citizens and 75 years for non-residents.

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