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Getting a mortgage in Spain

Some areas of Spain, such as Mallorca, are now almost unable to offer long-term rentals, at least not at a sensible price. Spain still has relatively low real estate rates, so it makes good business to buy a cottage. Spain has however been afflicted by numerous real estate scandals, which is why it is essential to research as much as possible before making the purchase is made.

Be sure to hire a good, serious attorney, never let anything that could be expensive in the hands a developer or realty agent, and most importantly, that any documents you subscribe to are localized unless you speak Spanish fluently! Except if you've already resold your main home and released a large amount of money - or won the Lotto - you'll probably want to buy with a mortgage.

As Spain promotes non-resident investments, non-residents can obtain a mortgage for home ownership in Spain, but there are not as many such mortgage schemes that are accessible to non-residents as to resident ones, and some limitations to them. Basically, it's like getting a mortgage: Figure out how much you can lend - a down payment of up to 30% is typically, but your mortgage advisor can help you find the right kind of mortgage for the down payment you have.

Applicants must submit the necessary papers to claim their mortgage. As a rule, the merchant will usually give you the down payment if you have the necessary and can show that you can use the mortgage payment afterwards for the necessary duration of the mortgage. This is a necessary registration number in Spain. By signing all pre-contractual papers obtained from the Banco de España (Bank of Spain), you certify that you fully accept and accept the terms and condition.

Look out for the small printed text in Spain, which often conceals interest increases in loosely formulated sub-paragraphs! The mortgage documents are signed by you with the solicitor together with the home purchasing documents. Since there are various limitations on the types of mortgage that non-residents can obtain, it is usually best to establish in advance what your most likely residence will be before you select a mortgage item.

It may well open up a better choice of mortgage choices. Creditors consider a second mortgage to be far riskier than the mortgage you might have on your principal home. That means that such loans are available at lower interest rates than houses you will be living in all year round.

Creditors expect that anyone who runs the risk of default will do so on a vacation home and not on their home. Therefore, it is more likely that Spanish creditors will look for a 30 to 40 percent investment before they allow your mortgage to continue.

However, some Spanish bankers allow 80 percent mortgage loans, so in this case you only need a 20 percent down payment. In addition, there are charges that cover the lawyer's fee for your lawyer and any interpreter you need, as well as various mortgage charges and tax. All this can happen quickly, so it is best to consider another 12 to 15 percent of the sales proceeds for the acquisition cost.

What do lenders in Spain think of your credit rating? While this may differ from creditor to creditor, most of Spain's banking institutions will ask you to submit a full listing of all your expenses per month (you will need to prove this, such as your statement of accounts for the last three to six month prior to application), and will take into consideration any outstanding credit payments you have already made.

Creditors use an affordable rate predicated on your annual surplus after taxes, and diagnose whether your new indebtedness will exceed 30 to 35 percent of your net revenue; if so, you will be refused, but if you remain within this range, you should see your proposal forward.

Usually, you need to fill out a face-to-face statement to show that you have your current agreements in place and submit documentation that shows how much you are earning and spending each and every month. Usually, you need to fill out a face-to-face statement to show how much you are earning and spending each and every day of the year. The majority of mortgage loans in Spain are trackers based, in line with the European Central Bank's Euribor interest rate.

Creditors are offering a mortgage with a spread above the Euribor interest line, such as Euribor plus one percent. It is important to review the small text of the mortgage offering here, as Spain's creditors have been reluctant to hand over money to clients until the Euribor fell, but they have been able to push through rises very quickly.

Currently, the interest rate in Spain is around 4 on a daily basis. Sixteen percent. The cost of obtaining a mortgage may also differ from the way a lender deals with a mortgage in your own state. Anticipate paying mortgage letter fee at around 1. 8 percent of the debt, and banking charges that are usually adjusted at 1 to 1. 5 percent of the mortgage amount.

Each individual mortgage related deed must be countersigned at the notary's offices, i.e. you must allow a further 0.5% of the value of the mortgage to be used to cover the notary's services. You will also have to make a appraisal charge, a brokerage charge if you use a real estate agent to negotiate your mortgage, and 10 percent value added tax if you decide to buy a completely new one.

When you buy a second-hand real estate, a VAT of 5 to 10 per cent of the total value of the real estate becomes due after finishing. Your property's value or value will vary depending on the nature of the home and your home base, and in some parts of Spain there are also fees to be paid locally.

The importance of hiring a serious, seasoned lawyer, especially a lawyer's firm capable of doing all the work in two different language versions, your own and Spanish, is unbelievable, so you don't experience unending delay in document translation. But there are some scammers who require an advance payment - and never take the trouble to agree your mortgage with the creditor.

Bakers can be very useful, as many Spaniards do not provide fixed mortgage conditions, but rather have a tendency to work on a single base customer per customer. Therefore, it can be very helpful if someone works for you who is fluent in speaking and understanding the system from the ground up.

Pay attention to mortgage agents who offer you an introductory free, non-binding advice such as SPF or IMS. Of course it will be more expensive to use a real estate agent, about 0.5 to 1 percent of the total real estate value. However, if the stockbroker can make a good business for you, you will refund these costs over the years.

Except when you are able to speak and write fluently in Castilian and speak and understand juridical lingo, it is not wise to go directly - Castilian mortgage loans are mandatory, so errors or misunderstandings can be very expensive. Have a look at some large banking web pages in Spain to see prices (use Google Translate if the web pages are only available in Spanish) and search the next consular or diplomatic web pages in Spain for link to English-language web pages dedicated to recommending notarial or translating service in the region where you want to buy.

Look at expat sites - they can be priceless for advising who to shun and who to rely on when it comes to real estates and real estates. Even better, if the Spaniard lenders have a subsidiary in your own home state, you may be able to use it to mortgage your home in Spain.

For example, Abanca has an agency in London, and Santander, one of the biggest mortgage lenders in Spain, may also be able to put UK shoppers in contact with their respective bank partners in Spain. Your website also has a broad variety of mortgage product offerings, such as trackers, combo offers and flat rates, and you can use your sophisticated mortgage calculator to guess the amount you might be able to lend and find out if you are entitled to the website.

Creditors must be approved by the Government of Spain and are supervised by the Government of Spain. When you work at the Banco de España (Bank of Spain), you have direct contact with employees who are qualified to handle foreigners. You will be able to lead them by purchasing in your native tongue - but do not neglect that they are not financially on your side, but want to get the best offer for their banks.

Mortgage maturities may not extend beyond 25 years and the credit rating at the end of the mortgage must not be more than 75 years. Your mortgage entitlement expenses must cover the cost of household contents cover, as this is required by Spain as well.

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