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We are a specialised lender offering short-term financing, auction financing, personal, commercial and buy-to-lease mortgages and secured loans. Mortgage Licensing Law Firm Practice | Cabinet d'avocats national | Banque et institutions financières | Pratiques et industries

Outside third party agents hire us to support mortgage providers and service providers in obtaining mortgage licences in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the United States. We have extensive expertise with the Nationwide Multistate License System & Registry (NMLS), which handles almost all mortgage license issues.

In addition, we have extensive working knowledge of working with regulators at the national and state levels to help customers address day-to-day challenges to comply and enforce. When it comes to license and audit of finance products, our expertise covers companies involved in mortgage financing and other forms of user lending for government licenses and government permits. Most of the license agreements that our customers carry out include offers from the general government or the general government, as well as restructuring and reorganisation measures, and share or assets purchases.

Across the country we process license and renovation engagements with all types of commercial licences relating to user credits, including: Our close ties with national business organisations and our knowledge and expertise in working with regulatory authorities are the key to our clients' success. From collection agencies, accounts receivable purchasers and bankers to lenders and intermediaries, our client base includes those engaged in litigation and collective actions.

Dealing with P2P loan issues related to refinance credits cards, the retail loan markets (including students' and small business loans) and mortgage issues. Among our client base are large and small finance institutes, from mortgage creditors, brokerage houses and service providers to retail buyers, state-owned and state-chartered commercial banking companies, property agents and private equity firms.

FDCPA and the rules G and A of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). We supervise the implementation of all applicable government and state legislation, which includes the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act or SAFE Act, the Truth in Lending Act or TILA, and the FDCPA. We support you with licence-related projects: Our services include issues in which the banking holdings are also active in the field of facility administration or brokering.

This is a comprehensive set of questions, since Title I of the Dodd-Frank Act allows a wealth managing entity to perform predominantly monetary functions, even when acting as a realtor. Our firm also advises our principals under the provisions of the 1956 BHC Act (Bankholding Company Act), which dissuades a banking Holding Corporation from engaging in any activity related to the construction of properties for which it arranges proprietary finance for industrial use.

CFPB's report on serving students' loans and the current regulation of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education have been analysed and understood. Regarding companies that offer study financing, we support you with basic questions such as:

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