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Start with our mortgage beginners guide, the right offer and tips if you're struggling with payment. This guide will give you all the information you need about available government assistance & how to obtain it if you are unable to pay your mortgage or if you are about to repossess it. You may be able to get help with mortgage interest payments if you are a homeowner and receive certain income-related benefits.

Mortgages support

Worried you'll miss a home because you' re handicapped, fired, barred or on strikes? By qualifying for the Mortgage Support loans, you will also get a one-time contribution of $1,000 that will be directly to you. More than $11.2 million has been provided by the programme to support trade unions members.

If you or your accredited co-signatory is unemployed due to a union-approved strikes, lock-out, involuntary joblessness or invalidity; your or the accredited co-signatory's earnings are decreased by an amount equivalent to at least 50% of the mortgage paid each month; the decrease in earnings occurs within one (1) year of your applying.

A document proving your trade union affiliation, your unemployment and related earnings losses is necessary at the moment of claiming benefit.

State help if you cannot afford your mortgage.

When you are fighting to fulfill your mortgage payments, there are a number of state programs that provide help.... This includes the Mortgage Rescue Plan, Support for Mortgage Interest and other public services that can increase your earnings. When you have difficulty to pay for your mortgage, your first thing to do should always be to get in touch with your mortgage provider.

They' re trying to help you make refunds. Temporary switch to pure interest repayment. When you are worried that you cannot afford refunds, there are many advisory service providers that offer free consultation. The schema is no longer available. Welsh government is running a mortgage rescue programme run by communities and residential development companies to prevent owner-occupiers from becoming shelterless.

When you are contemplated for the mortgage rescue program, the advice will put you in contact with a residential real estate company. Once you have assessed your real estate and your particular situation, you can either buy a share in your home (so that you become a co-owner) or buy the entire real estate and let it to you.

They will only be eligible for the mortgage rescue program if you have contacted your regional authorities to help avoid you and your loved ones becoming homeless. However, if you do, you will not be eligible for the mortgage rescue program. Homeowners who seek to repay their mortgage through their homeowner allowance funds are supported by the Government of Scotland. There are two systems operated by the funds that homeowners can request:

A Mortgage to Rental arrangement whereby a socially responsible lessor purchases your home and leases it back to you. Mortgage to Shared Equities program where the Scots government purchases up to 30% of the shares in your home, reducing the amount of debt on your mortgage. They still reside in your home, but make lower mortgage payments as a consequence.

Recourse to a service such as income-related employment and support allowance, earnings support, or universal credit may allow you to obtain help with your mortgage interest payment. Described as Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI). When you get Universal Credit and you are fighting to get your mortgage paid, you may be able to get help with your interest rate issues.

Normally, when you apply for help, your payment is made directly to your mortgage provider and is at a fixed interest on the amount you have pending on your mortgage (up to a limit of £200,000). After a 3-month wait, you begin to get this and your payment is stopped as soon as you get back to work, even if you only earn a small amount.

It' re a good idea to check if you are eligible for a benefit that will help you increase your earnings to make mortgage repayments. is a non-profit organisation that provides individuals with social services, subsidies and other assistance. Click on the link below to work out your total earnings and expenses and see if there are any cost-cutting advice you could use to release money at the end of each one.

Anything will help.

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