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The Mortgage Intelligence Holdings division expanded its operations with the addition of FYB Network. Today Mortgage Intelligence Holdings announces the purchase of Life and Easy as FYB Network. Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Next under the Mortgage Intelligence Holdings Ltd. brand name. FYB's relationship also significantly enhances Mortgage Intelligence's mortgage and insurer offering with over 50 advisors switching from FYB to Sally Laker's broker-led businesses.

Speaking at the announcement of the announcement, Sally Laker, General Manager of Mortgage Intelligence Holdings: "It is a great chance to expand the existing ecosystem and work with Mortgage Intelligence. "About Mortgage Intelligence Holdings: Mortgage Intelligence Holdings is the umbrella brand for the following products. Mortgages intelligence and mortgage next: The company offers award-winning mortgage and financial security products to over 400 agents.

In July 2012, Mortgage Intelligence Holdings purchased Life and Easy Traded as FYB Network. The FYB franchise will join the Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Next franchises under the Mortgage Intelligence Holdings Ltd. roof. With over 50 advisors, they provide both mortgage and insurer service. Nearest Secret Service: Mortgage Intelligence started in April 2011 and brings together Mortgage Intelligence and the directly authorized Mortgage Next Club.

Providing premier brokerage service to over 5000 mortgage agents, they include mortgage brokerage, property and casualty insurances, and a new protective panels set up in September 2011.

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We have a straightforward ethic - we put our members and their businesses first. Our most important members of our staff includes: Managing DirectionSally is the Managing Direction and 5% owner of Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Next. Coming to Close Brothers in 1996, he has worked with Sally Laker and her crew since 2001.

Mr. Chris came to Mortgage Intelligence in October 2008. Jeremy's mission is to ensure that our consultants can meet their regulative responsibilities and concentrate on the most important areas of their work. Head of Sales and MarketinSharon leads the sale, market and proposal strategies for the networking and mortgage group. Ever since coming to Mortgage Intelligence in March 2004, she has been responsible for improving ARs' levels of service delivery, training and revenue development.

Understanding that you need a set of flexibility supports that form the foundation for Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Next Network AR memberships. Each of our HR Professionals will review which of our network options is right for you, depending on the kind of deal you are writing, the scale of your company and your preferred fees.

Our two network companies are the same way to achieve commercial results and offer: At your disposal is a committed head of your in-house staff of trainers and developers who will continuously help you. Your head of education and research will help you expand your company and diversify into a new consulting area, ensuring that you get the most out of the service we deliver.

Regular workshop and seminar sessions are held across the UK to ensure you keep abreast of the latest sector trends, optimise your chances of doing business and exchange best practice with other members. With our branding toolskit, you get pre-approved promotional, letterhead, stationery, and item artwork that you can immediately access, customize, and use to support your company.

For more information about Mortgage Intelligence or Mortgage Next Network, contact us today.

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