Mortgage Loan Application Documents

Application documents for mortgage loans

It is important that you send us the correct documents for your mortgage application. Use of SA documents to assist with mortgage application - HMRC Upgrade

HTMLRC has issued guidelines on changes to the process for using self-assessment documents to assist loan and mortgage application. "Mortgagors need proof of collateral to assist with mortgage or loan requests. Previously, self-employed clients were asked to make a hard copy of HMRC's tax calculation (known as SA302) available for this use.

With the Council of Mortgage Lenders, we have worked to improve some of the Self Assessment (SA) on-line documents so that they can be seen as proof of the revenues reported to the TCRC and to address the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) challenges to the resilience of the calculation. - The ''annual fiscal statement'', which certifies the taxes due under the declaration presented to the HMRC and shows the amounts paid by reference to the calculation of taxes using the data rates of the latter.

Creditors will ask clients to supply both documents, some mortgage providers have started, while others are still getting ready to put the new procedure into action. In order to prevent undue delays or confusions about the needs of a creditor, we strongly advise you (your customer) to confirm with the creditor what is reasonable before receiving documents or providing information.

This means in many cases that you (your customer) can reprint the documents without having to call your local office to get a hard copy. - In order to file the message, you can list the annual fiscal survey on the SA on-line bank accounts, but you must use your own custom office to list the calculation of taxes.

Where the lender has requested self-service documents, here you will find instructions for printing your customer's SA documents from the on-line bank accounts of HMRC SA: In order to be able to access your customer's HTMLRC documents and printout them, you must be enrolled for the agent's on-line authorization - visit: As soon as you are authorized, you can use our on-line service to administer your customer list, submit your return and share information with us on-line.

In your Agent on-line trading area, you must login to your customer's data and click on the "at a glance" button. You see directions for your customer to printout the tax computation and tax year overview. You can currently only see and download tax calculations for up to 2 years via the HMRC on-line access via the HMRC on-line access page, but these will rise to 3 years from April 2015 and to 4 years from April 2016.

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