Mortgage Loan Grants

Grants for mortgage loans

Subsidies for low-income households (including household appliances and DIY supplies) In addition to grants to make your home more ernergy efficiently, some utilities also provide help if you have large backlogs on your natural gas, power or utilities bill. For their emergency depositors, three suppliers are offering an emergency power trust system to enable them to recover power residues and sometimes other important domestic objects.

Fill in a full incomes and expenses account together with evidence of your incomes, give full particulars of how your backlogs have developed, e.g. due to sickness or dismissal, and say how the promotion will help you. If you are interested in other suppliers or general guidance, please call the Energy Saving Advisory Service on 0300 123 1234 (for England and Wales), Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 (for Scotland) or the Energy Saving Trust (for Northern Ireland).

See also the Housing and Grants Handbook for rebates and grants to help you afford your heat, and the Free Insulation and Boilers Handbook to see if you are eligible for help in improving energy-efficient housing. The website of WHU contains information about all plans of the waterworks. Assistance from all suppliers including WaterSure (see below), references to Härtefallfonds (hardship funds) and assistance in obtaining benefit payments (Water Direct).

When you are working on a measuring device and a demand-driven service and either have three or more kids under the age of 19, or are in a home with a health status that requires a lot of drinking fluid, you can get help from the WaterSure program, which limits your billing on your region's averages. However, some operators also provide other specialised fares and/or New Start/Restart (name will depend on where you live), a system that can reconcile repayments or amortise a portion of your debts when you submit a Overdue Settlement Schedule.

See also the Cut Water Bills manual. Included are £1.50 fixed line and free week-end 0845 and 0870 numbers for up to 60mins. Regular fixed line telephone conversations, however, are expensive (12p per min, plus an setup charge of 20p for each call). You can make and answer telephone conversations and prevent certain types of call, e.g. Mobil or Premium numbers.

They can also call to verify your invoice amount at any given moment, or verify it on-line to help keep your cost down and your invoice budgets on track.

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