Mortgage Loan Lenders for Bad Credit

bad credit mortgage lender

Aren't financially connected through your mortgage or a joint credit account, with people with a poor credit rating. Unfavorable credit mortgage loans. I charge 1% of the mortgage amount for a mortgage with a floor of £1,995. SN Mortgage loans were more robust and thorough in their support and our proposal. You' been both sincere and thoroughly useful throughout the whole trial.

Appreciate all the additional counsel Steve has given me whenever I need it.

Steven and Steven both went beyond that to help us accomplish this, every problem that occurred there was a fix, and there were some that came up, but nothing that Steven didn't know how to fix. It is not our intention to use anyone else for our mortgage needs in the near term because we do not think anyone else is good enough.

but SN Mortgages proven us to be wrong. I' d recommend to anyone with a bad credit record to use Bluestone mortgages......... Steve and Sue were both top-notch. A lot of folks may resist the charge, but in my view the services offered justify it. I was kept up to date by outstanding customer support and went the extra mile to gather all the information........

With the information we provided, I felt we got the best possible customer care. Our services, which we got from the very first days, were excellent. With an unfavorable credit record, making the right decisions about our futures was all the more important, and from the start Steven felt like a secure couple of fingers to handle our mortgage request.

Don't delay using Steve's... Steve's work. Your level of customer care is high. Great backup employees too. But I was decided to move, and after looking on the web, I found the detail of Steven Neale. They had applied as someone who specialized in brokering mortgage loans for people with a bad credit record.

There was nothing for me to loose, so I phoned him and found him very kind, competent, cooperative, sincere and instructive and, above all, successfully in finding a mortgage..... The SN mortgage was very instrumental in hunting down the creditor, clarifying issues and ensuring that errors were corrected....... Admittedly, with a little hesitation, Steve took our case... but persistently.

Eventually debt-free, well apart from a mortgage, but most of all have a house and safety for my wife and daughter......... but they really weren't helping. I would like to thank you for the great level of customer care you have provided over the past few month.

Thanks again to Steven & Sue for all your hardworking work........ Teaming up with our real estate agent, Steven made the whole thing smooth and stress-free. Receive great customer support. They were very kind folks who were very useful and sympathetic. I' m on a mortgage now and pay less than before.

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