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Mortgage Lender Policy Clarified by Washington The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions published a statement on January 24 clarifying one of the aspects of its mortgage lender policy and guidelines. Previously, the Department noted that officers, as well as subsidiary officers, must obtain individual licenses as mortgage lenders if they (i) accept mortgage loan requests, discuss mortgage loan term agreements, or prove capable of performing such operations, (ii) oversee credit processing or insurance technicians, or (iii) oversee underwriters.

It now states that (i) any executive or individual applying for a Washington home mortgage loan must negotiate the conditions of a Washington home mortgage loan or pretend to be able to perform these operations must have a Washington MLO licence, and that Washington licenced mortgage lenders must work from a licenced site;

ii ) any executive who directly oversees the credit processing or employee underwriters must have an MLO licence that may originate from any state and Washington licenced corporate underwriters must operate from a licenced site; and iii) any executive who directly oversees the Washington licenced corporate underwriters must have a Washington MLO licence and operate from a licenced site.

Supervision schedules shall be established and kept within the framework of accounting logs and recordings and shall take into account the locations of supervisors and staff under supervision, the number of staff under supervision and the amount of work carried out by staff under supervision.

The Florida Mortgage Licensing Review Optimizes the Review Requirements

Florida on August 16 through the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Resource Center announces that it will introduce the Uniform State Test (UST) for mortgage lenders. As a result of this notification, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation became the fifty-third government authority to eliminate the need for a second state-specific test for mortgage lenders looking for approval.

Despite not being named in the notification, BakerHostetler's Financial Services team has stated that Florida will need two full Florida specific pre-licensing training sessions from January 2017, which will cover Florida bylaws, policies and procedures. The Florida government will also demand that mortgage lenders attend one lesson of Florida-specific training each year. Whilst the Florida training requirement is not designed to raise the number of training periods needed, many mortgage lenders approved in several states will find that this is the precise effect.

This requirement does not affect the authors who are currently licenced and extend their licence for 2017. Before the 2018 renewal, however, authors must fulfil the new training requirement. The UST was created by NMLS in April 2013 and is a new section with 25 issues within the National Test Component with Uniform State Content.

UST materials test candidates for their expertise in high-level, government-relevant contents under the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing (SAFE) Act and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators to Model State Law (AARMR), which is used by many states to enforce the SAFE Act.

Successfully completing the National Test of Uniform State Content means that a nominee meets the admission test criteria in those States that accept admission and in all States that will accept admission in the nearer future.

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