Mortgage Loan with Money for Improvements

Hypothecary loans with money for improvements

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to expand their homes or make improvements instead of relocating. That means that you borrow from your current lender, typically at a different interest rate than your main mortgage. You' re making an investment that will hopefully earn you money as it grows.

Jointly secured home improvements credits

Our view is that it makes more sense for all parties involved to consider your specific circumstances in combination with our sensible credit granting strategy. There may be a point in using the equities you already have in your home to finance home improvements, whether you make making crucial repairs, make cosmetic changes (you've never really liked this kitchen), or even add an extra one.

Indeed, it can be a way to add value to your home before you sell it - without having to cut money before you start making improvements. So, even if you have had past troubles, you could still get a home improvement loan with us. We' ll be considering home improvements credits for: You will find the same prices for our do-it-yourself home loan as for our other secure loan.

To make things more affordable, we are offering a 5-year flat interest facility. We will not beat you with early amortization fees if you want to repay your mortgage early. This is even the case with fixed-rate loans. An £70,000 mortgage due over a period of 10 years on our 10 year floating interest loan at our prevailing interest of 6.65% (Floating) would involve 120 months payment of 860.20 plus a return management charge of 150.00 pounds.

£103,224.34, comprising the amount of the loan plus interest on the loan (£26,022.64), the handling charge (£3,250.00) and the handling charge (£1,750.00) plus interest on those charges (£1,951.70) and the collection management charge (£150.00). Available rates vary depending on your circumstance. If you are applying for a home improvements loan from us, one of our skilled advisors will lead you through every stage of the process:

We will ensure that we fully comprehend your circumstance before we recommend a loan to you. When you are satisfied, you will get a "mortgage illustration" with all necessary information about the mortgage that you are currently on. You will be guided through the entire recruitment procedure by our consultants. We will tell you exactly what to do and when, and include the delivery of documents.

Once we have everything we need, we will review your job interview and support information. When we are satisfied with everything, we will make you a credit proposal, i.e. we have approved your credit request. We' ll give the money to you and you can get started. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain the repayment of your loan.

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