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Straight lines Financial Solutions - independently, award-winner Finanzdienstleister for mortgage, defense, insurance ï¿? advisor country widely, High Wycombe linear Financial Solutions is an award-winning mortgage brokers with over 30 advisors across the UK. Our company is an experienced mortgage brokers with over 50 UK mortgage providers. Our relationship with them, coupled with the volumes of mortgage arranged by us, puts Linear Financial Solutions in a very powerful place to make sure you have the latest available offerings and get first-class services.

Our services are adapted to your individual needs, no matters who you are, whether you are looking for a first purchaser, an expert builder, a rental purchase or a re-mortgage. Over the past 5 years Linear Financial Solutions has received several prestigious accolades across the financial services sector, so we can reassure you that you are in good hands. Our products and services are designed to meet your needs.

Check out our movie to see what we do here at Linear and how we can help you. At the beginning of your mortgage trip, we can give you an idea of how much you might be able to lend. You may repossess your belongings if you do not keep repossessions on your mortgage.

A mortgage advisory service charge is levied. Exact amount depends on your circumstance but can vary between £399 and £599.

The PRIMIS Mortgage Network

Our unbelievable backgrounds in finance include a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of senior managers to help you build your businesses. We offer a wide range of creditors and vendors to help your customers make the right choice, and our committed customer service enables you to quickly and simply find the help you need.

Prize-winning mortgage network

Our unparalleled level of technical assistance, service and available resources mean that our consultants know that their questions are always being considered. There is no consultant in our mortgage network that is too big or too small. That' s why we not only provide a "one dimension fit all" service, but also ensure that we deliver our service tailored to your unique businesses needs.

"Mortgage Intelligence Network gives me more than just coaching and assistance as an appointee agent. With our proactive approaches to sector and regulator changes, our nominated agents are well positioned for any implications for their businesses. Would you like to join our mortgage network? Proud of our high levels of customer care and our ethical commitment to create the most rewarding network experiences.

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