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A mortgage entitles a lender to confiscate a house and sell it through a foreclosure process if a borrower defaults. Mortgage | Places for Humans We' ll browse the entire mortgage business to find the best mortgage business for you. We' ll discuss the item with you to make sure you think it's right for you. They depend on the borrower and the mortgage type you choose. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments.

Greens Mortgage | World Greens Building Council

Home buyers across the EU could be better off on mortgage loans in exchange for buying more energy-efficient houses or a commitment to implementing energy-saving measures in real estate as part of a groundbreaking EU mortgage definition exercise, a pioneering joint venture of banking, real estate valuation, power engineering and utilities.

EeMAP (Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan) will investigate the relationship between economic performance and the borrower's lower PD and the value enhancement of energy-efficient property. The Commission could also make sure that bankers are able to identify "energy-efficient" asset classes in their own riskprofile, which would help the markets to get better value for money - the added value of energy-efficient property.

It was initiated by a syndicate headed by the European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC). Projectpartners sind die Ca'Foscari University of Venice, RICS, European Regional Network of Green Building Councils, E.ON und SAFE Goethe University Frankfurt. Entitled Creating an Energy Efficient Mortgage for Europe - A Review of Building Performance Indicators that Impact Mortgage Credit Risk, the report examines how energy-efficient mortgages could work in terms of the underlying building performance assessment and how they can support mortgage lenders and borrowers.

Click here to view EeMAP's companion report on Green Finance, Green Value and the impact of energy efficiency on the probability of failure.


I and my man got an extraordinary level of support from Craig - he went beyond that to reassure me throughout the whole trial because I was so keen to get our first home! It was a quick and efficient completion and Craig explained everything to me one by one.

We have been provided with outstanding mortgage advice by Craig through face-to-face encounters, e-mails and telephone conversations and we would not hesistate to refer him!

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