Mortgage plus Renovation Loan

Hypothec plus renovation loan

If you are interested in the idea of a French real estate renovation, let us take a brief look at the most important factors to finance a project with a French mortgage. Providing renewal loan information Mortgage is available that allow homeowners to lend cash to buy the house plus cash....

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Application for a renovation mortgage in France

In France, a renovation mortgage is intended for renovation work and large construction costs in excess of ?150,000. This has the benefit that the mortgage resources do not have to be called up in a singular instalment, but can be called up step by step as the programme progresses.

This can be either a stand-alone mortgage or a combination with other mortgage related items on our mortgage side in France. The eligibility requirements for the mortgage renovation in France are the same. It is one of the beauty of the French real estate that there are often tremendous opportunities to improve and expand the real estate. You can even use a renovation mortgage to finance the renovation of real estate that can become a house and a source of revenue.

One example is the renovation of a run-down country home with a number of annexes where the intent is to rebuild the primary building as a home and the annexes as gîtes to ensure long-term revenue for the homes. At first glance, an application for a renovation mortgage can seem discouraging. In addition to the information required for a repayment mortgage in France, a credit institution in France needs more information.

Assuming that the right procedures are followed, a plot of land in bad or even decaying conditions can still be qualified. You can find more information under Mortgage loans for renovation in France. We can help you negotiate a mortgage to renovate your home in France for a project similar to the one suitable for a home business mortgage, provided you have a source of additional revenue to repay the mortgage.

Geographical areas must comply with the required official planning rules in France. Our services can help you fund your renovation up to 85% LTV (Loan to Value) of the entire costs. In addition, if you can satisfy the DTI requirements of a financial institution in France, creditors will charge the usual mortgage rates. When you have an enhancement or expansion plan in your minds, simply fill out our on-line registration with all the necessary information.

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