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Enforcement of an adequate mortgage on property

Where a lender is not able to enroll a mortgage on a property but has a reasonable mortgage or fee, is he launched as an insecure lender without the possibility to realize the property in order to settle the liability? Under certain conditions, a legal order can be requested for a legal purchase of the property.

Which is a just mortgage? A mortgage is a mortgage in the sense that a borrower assigns to his lender a right of ownership to his property that can be realized by the lender to satisfy the debtor's liabilities. A mortgage is established when a borrower makes a firm commitment to grant the lender ownership of real estate.

Commitment can be made by concluding a loan agreement which stipulates that the property is provided as collateral. When there is only a firm commitment to providing ownership and no ownership interest has been legally transferred, ownership of the land is transferred.

In contrast to a legitimate mortgage, there is no special type that is necessary to establish a fair mortgage. This can be generated by common words. In order to assert a right to dispose of real estate under an appropriate mortgage, judicial orders granting a sales authority are necessary. Mortgage creditors are not granted any kind of fair mortgage creditor cover that is equal to a mortgage creditor who is incorporated.

However, it is generally suggested that the next best way to protect a fair mortgage creditor is to make a reservation on the property to which the mortgage creditor is entitled to interest. An objection only entitles the just security right over real property creditor to report transactions with the security right, grants him neither the right to real property nor the authority to sell real property and does not hinder such transactions of a recorded security right over real property creditor.

While a just chargee has no legal right of disposal under section 76 of the Transfer of Land Act 1958 (Vic) (or similar legislation) in relation to the pledged property, he may have a right under contract or the option of obtaining a judicial statement to dispose of the property if the chargee is in arrears with the conditions of the reasonable mortgage.

Jurisdictions have intrinsic competence to order that a contracting partner may dispose of a property and to arrange for the disposition of the sales revenue, often termed the "judicial sale" of a property. In order for a court to be able to establish whether a court transaction is appropriate, it will first establish whether there is an encumbrance on the property, whether by means of a document, arrangement or other measure.

In order for a property to be sold, it must be empty. Also, a legal request for legal sales must include requests for the supply of empty property in the property in order for the sales to continue. In King Investment Solutions v Hussain[2005] NSWSC 1076, the NSW Supreme Tribunal found that a second mortgage creditor who is incorporated may file an action for expulsion, but that a simple reasonable mortgage does not have ownership.

If the mortgage, however, contains the commitment of the mortgage holder to give up ownership in the event of delay, a just mortgage creditor is eligible for a statement that he is eligible for ownership after the delay. In addition, the just security right holder could, in appropriate conditions, obtain a mandate of the same type as the specified service to carry out this pledge by obliging the mortgage holder to surrender the property.

In Victoria, orders may also be obtained based on Section 91(2) of the Property Law Act 1958 (Vic) for the court to conduct a mortgage sales transaction on conditions it deems appropriate. Similarly, the court in Queensland may issue appropriate orders permitting the just creditor to effect a similar transaction to the property sales as if the mortgage had been established by certificate or document under section 100 of the Property Law Act 1974 (Qld).

It should, however, be pointed out that, without the explicit agreement of any interested person, the court will take such decisions only if they do not prejudge any burden on the property by taking precedence over the appropriate mortgage. An inscribed mortgage puts a lender in a better situation than a just mortgage.

An inscribed mortgage grants the lender an inviolable interest in the property. However, if conditions have occurred under which a mortgage has not been acquired, a lender may track the ownership and disposal of real estate under an appropriate mortgage. It is possible to obtain a legal statement that the lender has an adequate mortgage and is eligible for a legal sell.

If, however, there is the best opportunity for debt collection through a property sales, this is a rewarding one.

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