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Protection from mortgage payments may be suitable for you if: You would struggle to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments if you were unable to work due to illness, accident or forced unemployment. Mortgage protection offers compare & safe your life Every Wednesday we help hundreds of individuals comparing quotes for mortgage protection insurance from the UK's top underwriters. Our selection of professional insurance agents has been rigorously tested to provide you with superior independence of service and competition from the UK's top insurance companies. Mortgage protection? Mortgages insurance can be a somewhat bewildering concept as it can apply to both life insurance and instalment insurance in respect of a mortgage.

Simply put, the life insurance covers the life insurance in case of decease of the insured, while the instalment protection insurance covers the mortgage payment in case the insured cannot work for up to 12 month due to accident, illness or unemployment. Mortgage protection insurance Life insurance provides an amount of cash to members of the household to pay the mortgage due in the case of the insured's decease during the life of the insurance.

Also known as Mortgage life insurance, Mortgage insurance, term assurance and term insurance. Usually, if the insurance is to be used exclusively to hedge a redemption mortgage, a declining risk insurance annuity is the best option because the amount of cash against which the Assured is covered declines in proportion to the value of the mortgage overdue.

On the other hand, a risk insurance annuity is usually the best option for a pure interest mortgage, where the value of the mortgage portfolio remaining unpaid will remain stable during the duration of the contract. Basically, you need to work out the monetary implications for your loved ones in the case of your passing and how much cash they would need to live.

The majority of major mortgage protection endowment insurance contracts provide term health insurance at no additional charge. If an incurable disease (defined as a lifespan of less than 12 months) is detected in the policy holder, the insurance company undertakes to reimburse the amount covered at the time of detection instead of mortality.

During the last 18 month of the mortgage protection insurance this service is not available. Additional coverage can be provided with Critical Illness Insurance, which will pay out the amount covered if the Assured is found to have one of the stated serious illnesses. Since not all businesses have the same critical illness, it is important that the insurance holder is aware of the inclusion and exclusion before signing any paper.

The mortgage protection payment insurance provides a one-month amount to pay the mortgage on the house in the case that the policy holder is not able to work for up to 12 month due to illness or joblessness. Since the state benefit for disabled persons is restricted, this type of insurance provides the most essential coverage for the most important montly sums.

As a rule, mortgage payment insurance does not take the professional, sex or smoke habit of an individual into consideration when determining the premium. Payment begins one months after the policyholder's incapacity to work, and in most cases it is made directly to the mortgage bank.

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