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Mortgages quotations - an explanation at a glance It is presented in sections with numbers and titles, each section relating to a specific part of the mortgage products. In the top of the page you can see the name and adress of the person who created the page, this can be a mortgage provider or the mortgagee. The name of the applicant and information showing when the image was created follows. Please be aware that a mortgage picture documentation is not a mortgage offering and does not require the creditor to make the mortgage available to you. Like the name says, a mortgage picture is for illustrative use only.

Chapter one will tell you about the figure and mention the regulatory authority as the Financial Services Authority. Wherever any interest are added to the debt, they are catalogued location. The interest rates charged, the nature of the interest rates, in this case a set interest rates, and the periods during which the interest rates are to apply, are shown here.

Possible mortgage limitations are also mentioned in section four. In this section, the amount of your contribution is increased on the basis of an one percent salary raise. Chapter eight will outline the charges to be made for the mortgage and also tell you when these charges must be made.

To add a fee to the loans, this is specified here. The tenth section informs you of all expenses if you repay the mortgage at any time. Prepayment penalties apply to most mortgage product on the mortgage markets. You can see what happens when you move home by looking at the field in section ten.

A lot of mortgage mortgages are wearable. When your item has this functionality, it will be noted here. Clause eleven describes your possibilities for making an overpayment on the mortgage and specifies any fees if you make an overpayment. Twelve describes all extra characteristics of the device. Elements here may range from free reviews, free ratings or switching option to other commodities.

The thirteen section lists all charges made by the lender to the importing partner. There is a memory in the mortgage picture that if you do not maintain your mortgage payments, your home can be taken back. Lastly, a payback chart shows how your mortgage is to be redeemed during the life of the mortgage.

Hypothekenillustrationen are intended to help you make a judgement as to whether a mortgage is the right one for you. Please review them thoroughly, and if you have any questions, contact the individual who provided the artwork. If you get your mortgage offer formally, you will see that it is presented in the same way as your picture.

Make sure you always receive mortgage counseling independently.

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