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MORTGAGORS LOCAL | TEAM MOVE OVM FINANCIAL. The interest rates are on the rise in the mortgage industry. Why haven't mortgage rates gone up? Factors at borrower level - interest rates and mortgage rates.

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The interest rates in the mortgage sector are continuing to increase. According to the economic evidence, the higher the price, the better it gets to get a mortgage interest return. Now' s the right moment to pre-qualify to become a Home Owner or fund your present home if you have a mortgage of more than 5.0%.

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Mean interest on 30-year mortgage drops to 3.66 ct.

ashington (ap) - US longterm mortgage rates dropped for the third consecutive consecutive week, with the 30-year key interest rates again at their low since may 2013. For the first 15-year-old mortgage, a favorite option for refinance seekers, the median dropped below 3 per cent for the first consecutive year.

For the 15-year loans, the installment fell to 2.98 per cent, down from 3.05 per cent last weekend. Prolonged declines in interest rates attracted a number of potential purchasers as mortgage requests highlighted their largest recent weeks earnings in over six years. One year ago, the 30-year mortgage was 4.41 per cent and the 15-year mortgage 3.45 per cent.

Mortgages rates stayed low despite the Fed ending its October months of buying bonds designed to lower long-term interest rates. The mortgage rates often track the return on the 10-year Treasury grade, which has dropped below 2 per cent. On Wednesday, the 10-year mark was 1.84 per cent, after 1.97 per cent in the previous weeks.

On Thursday mornings, he was quoted at 1.82 per cent. Averages do not involve additional charges, known as points, which most borrower have to owe to get the cheapest interest. A point corresponds to 1 per cent of the amount of the credit. A 30-year mortgage was charged at an annual rate of 0.6 points, the same as last year. A 15-year mortgage charge stayed at 0.5 points.

A five-year variable-rate mortgage with an interest averaged 2.90 per cent, down from 2.98 per cent. A one-year ARM share price dropped from 2.39 per cent to 2.37 per cent.

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