Mortgage Refinance Loan Calculator

Refinance Mortgage Loan Calculator

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Mortgage calculator for France

Here you can compute your mortgage repayments in euros and assess the acquisition costs: Refresh one of the major boxes and the other ones will be calculated. You can recalculate by pressing Return or by clicking outside the box you just edit. For example, to see how much you can lend on the basis of a specific amount, type in the desired amount (for a specific term and interest rate) and the loan amount will be recalculated.

The calculator is for orientation only. This is not an offering and does not take into consideration your individual suitability for a loan. The calculator is based on the assumption of montly instalments at the beginning of each calendar year, no postponed terms of instalments, a fixed interest period for the loan period and a fully amortized or interest-free loan method.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your eligibility to pay back or earn interest only on a mortgage in France, and the amount of the loan you may be eligible for, depends on your age.

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