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Once we have started with your mortgage application, we will go through the process of setting up your mortgage. See what happens after you apply for a mortgage. Request information about my mortgage Therefore, we have made it simple for you to request information about your mortgage account(s), such as a query, a double account summary or a repayment summary. Can I request anything? Below is a listing of our most frequently asked questions.

Most of the time, we strive to ship the information you request within 5 business days. However, in most cases, we will not ship the information within 5 business days. Your request will not be processed.

Certificates - Many real estates are today registrated with the land registry office electronic. That means you don't need hard copies to verify your property, and in most of these cases we won't have any titles. But we still have some papers. In this case and if you need the originals at any given moment, you must first designate a lawyer from our panels to request them on your name.

If you think that your request could be responded to by means of documentation in the certificates, please do not hesitate to call us on 0345 300 8000*.

A Mortgage Application Tracking (MATS) system for intermediaries (NFI) throughout Germany on a national basis

The Mortgage Application Tracking Service (MATS) is an on-line feature that lets you see how your customers' paper-based application evolves. It' fast and simple for you and your customers to use and reduce the amount of search engine application spending you have. Further advantages of MATS are: MATS does not follow NFI on-line use.

In order to see your case history, please register with NFI On-line and visit the "Case Home" page. See your customers' advancements on-line or get information when their apps enter the next important phases: Register with MATS and request mortgage update with your client's mortgage number. Delays highlights any problems that prevent your program from advancing and displays any actions you may need to take.

In order to get a diurnal updated on your mortgage requests, please put the appropriate e-mail address on the back of each request. On demand, your customers can get text updated and have a personalized website with more information about the advancement of their use. That means less work for your customers and better all-round customer care.

The information will only be sent to your customers in the most important phases, all other information necessary for the development of the software will only be provided to you.

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